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Through our selected network of partners, we broaden our scope technically and geographically to support and develop the solutions we can bring our customers.

Take a look at our current partners below to find out how we work together to benefit the procurement world.

BiP Solutions

BiP Solutions supports public and private sector businesses to work together to improve every aspect of their supply chain processes. Whether it’s a buyer looking for efficient ways to publish contracts and source suppliers, or a supplier trying to sell their products and services, BiP can support the process through the development of skills, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology.

Commerce Decisions works in partnership with BiP to complement their existing solutions with a robust evaluation tool that ensures their customers get the best possible solution for their complex and strategic procurements.

Curtis Fitch

Curtis Fitch offers an intuitive and innovative eprocurement software suite, capable of managing businesses esourcing, contract management and supplier relationship management. Their Source, Contracts and Insight products work individually, collaboratively and in partnership with external tools to create an end-to-end solution, that makes eprocurement easier, more efficient and more effective.

Commerce Decisions and Curtis Fitch have a well-established relationship that complements one another’s existing solutions and enables  our collective customers to find the right solution for their complex and strategic procurements.

Lakesmith Consulting Ltd

Lakesmith Consulting Ltd is a procurement and commercial management consultancy working with the construction and property industries, with a focus on maximising value and minimising risk in every aspect of the project lifecycle. Collectively, Lakesmith apply over sixty years’ commercial management experience to strategy development, procurement management, negotiation and project delivery.

Lakesmith are experienced in the deployment of our AWARD® solution and together we work in partnership to deliver successful strategic projects in the UK and internationally.


Jaggaer (formerly BravoSolution) helps purchasing professionals to drive financial performance, build procurement organisational excellence, manage risk, and influence innovation. Working globally across the public and private sectors, their solution suites focus on source to pay eprocurement with advanced spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management, contract life management, savings tracking, and intelligent workflow capabilities.

Commerce Decisions has worked together with Jaggaer (BravoSolution) since May 2005 and is the company’s longest standing partnership. In that time, we have established a dynamic integration with their esourcing tool, Advantage, which has enabled us to seamlessly collaborate on more than 80 customers’ complex procurements.

Offset Market Exchange (OMX)

Offset Market Exchange (OMX) is a collaborative platform for accessing procurement opportunities and analysing the socio-economic impact of organisations in domestic and international defence, aerospace, oil & gas, mining, automotive and construction industries, and in other complex global supply chains.

The OMX marketplace provides access to tens of thousands of companies by region, size, classification and capability. It also contains a robust transactional system for connecting companies through collaborative data and document management. It enables organisations to increase efficiency, reduce cost and ensure optimum economic benefits from their procurements.

Together Commerce Decisions and OMX provide the solutions for organisations who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits, and then to effectively track and report on them.


Proactis helps organisations around the world to buy and sell their goods and services faster, leaner and smarter by eliminating wasted time, money and talent. With over 3 million users worldwide, Proactis offers its customers a variety of advanced technology and service solutions to streamline their internal processes and revolutionise the way they engage and interact with each other.

Commerce Decisions works in partnership with Proactis to complement their solutions and enable customers to get the best possible outcomes from their strategic and complex procurement projects.

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