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With a mere 1% often separating the winning bid from second place, gaining that competitive edge to win the contract can often seem almost impossible.

But with a combined 150+ years of experience supporting and developing public sector procurement, our team of expert consultants know what buyers are looking for, and how your bid will be viewed by the evaluator.

It’s this expertise and knowledge that we’ve harnessed to bring you a range of expert services that work alongside our ADVANCE™ software and training to deliver a holistic solution, embedded with best practice and first-hand experience.

Each service reflects the very latest in thought leadership and is designed to impart knowledge and upskill teams – specifically to help you win more bids. Whether you’re looking for support with our software, hands-on expert guidance for preparing your winning bid, or the latest insight from the buying community, our expert services are here to help.

Take a look at your options below:

Gain an in-depth understanding of the marking structure of a tender evaluation, together with guidance on managing documents and monitoring progress, to bring structure to your marking.

We’ll provide support on predicted scores and answer planning to establish your most effective answer structure. You’ll discover not only how to save valuable time, but also how to achieve maximum marks.

Submitting the cheapest bid is no guarantee you’ll win. So what strategy do you – or should you – take to beat the competition?

We’ll help you understand if the bid you’re putting forward gives you the highest chance of success, and show you how you can score marks most effectively. Learn how you can beat the competition and achieve those marginal score increases that make the difference between winning and losing a bid.

Find out more about Position to Win here.

Our facilitation service reflects the structure, management and facilitation of a Red Team final document review.

Designed to provide valuable, independent resource to improve the overall quality of the review, our Red Team Facilitation includes a team briefing and action plan for submitting that winning bid.

Providing a unique and independent viewpoint, this review includes an analysis of your bid from an evaluator’s perspective, taking into account the marking structure and buyer requirements, so that you can perfect your final submission.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of the responses buyers are looking for, and receive invaluable guidance on the most effective answer structure and content.

Ready to get ahead of the competition and start winning more bids?