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Demystifying the bidding process

Understanding exactly what the Authority is looking for is likely to be very high on your list of priorities when preparing for a successful bid. How often do you really know what’s most important to them – whether it’s value for money, cost, or quality? This crucial insight can give you that vital competitive edge, making that all-important difference between winning and losing your next bid.

With 20 years’ experience supporting public sector buyers in perfecting their procurement processes, we know the industry inside out. We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of what Authorities are looking for, their processes and challenges. It’s this insight that we’ve used to build our bidside offering: ADVANCE™. ADVANCE™ has been specifically designed to demystify and streamline the bidding process. So that as a bidder you stand the best chance of winning, and the Authority can award their contract to a supplier that ticks all their boxes.

How exactly does ADVANCE™ bring this clarity and efficiency to your bidding process? We outline 6 examples below:

1. You can securely share data with your colleagues

As a cloud-based online tool, ADVANCE™ enables you to share OS level data safely and securely with your colleagues and bidding partners. This provides a greater level of security to that offered by traditional sharing methods such as Sharepoint, and is far easier than sending data via encrypted discs. You also get full user access control, so you can be totally confident in the security and integrity of your data – crucial for when working on high security clearance bids.

2. You can transfer data from AWARD® into ADVANCE™

With a fully integrated solution, there’s no need to manually transfer files which can quickly eat up valuable time and resource. This frees up your team to focus on the things that really matter.

3. You can use your competitor knowledge to your advantage

Position to Win, the latest feature in ADVANCE™, allows you to quickly analyse and model different scenarios. For example, you can input all your competitor data and then use this intelligence to strategically position your solution, based on where your closest opponents are likely to score. This new data-led approach is designed to help you identify the best overall position required to win your next bid.

4. You can generate a clear output for senior colleagues

Providing compelling evidence to support the direction your bid strategy should take helps you to secure buy-in at a senior level. The ability to view and approve detailed analysis supports your defence against any false assumptions or questions based on ‘gut’ feel’ alone, and streamlines the sign off process. Outputs can be easily exported directly from ADVANCE™ in the form of data, charts and spreadsheets, helping you efficiently share relevant information with senior stakeholders.

5. You can learn from expert thought-leadership and guidance

Our hugely experienced team of expert consultants know first-hand what buyers are looking for and how your bid will be viewed by the evaluator. In many instances, it’s our team that has developed and implemented the methodologies and processes adopted by the Authority. We’ve harnessed this expertise and knowledge to offer a range of expert services that work alongside our ADVANCE™ software and training, embedded with the very latest in thought leadership. Each service is designed to upskill you and your team, giving you the insight and confidence to win more bids. By combining this expert service with the software, your bid is given the best possible chance of winning.

6. You can review your bid from the Authority’s perspective

When using ADVANCE™ you’re able to see how your data looks in AWARD® and therefore view it from the Authority’s perspective. This valuable insight helps you understand the AWARD® methodologies that buyers are using to select a winner so you can optimise your bid to achieve the highest possible score.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Authority would view your next bid, our AWARD® Methodologies Training course is a great place to start. Run exclusively for your bid team, this online session gives you a full understanding of the marking structure of a tender evaluation, the work undertaken by the buyer and what they’re looking for.   

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like further details on how we can help optimise your next bid.