CIPMM Virtual Summit

Virtual | 3-4 June 2021

It was great to be part of the agenda at this year’s Virtual Summit, with three of our expert consultants speaking about ‘Striking the right balance between financial and non-financial aspects during tender evaluation’.

In this session, Drew Schlosser, Senior Procurement Consultant (Canada) was joined by Peter Marshall, Global Services Director, and Mike Ross, International Services – Capability Lead, from our UK team, to share their experiences of supporting the ever-increasing complexity of managing procurements.

Successfully bringing together the financial and non-financial aspects in a tender evaluation requires some careful thinking to make sure we evaluate price, and balance its weight against all the non-financial factors appropriately.

Our trio of senior experts describe the landscape of financial and non-financial aspects in evaluation, along with sharing some methods that can be used to derive the balance point. They also impart some hints and tips that can be put into practice during your next evaluation, so you can achieve best possible outcomes.

Find out more and watch the recording here.