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CIPMM Virtual Summit

Virtual | 3-4 June 2021

We’re excited to be part of this year’s Virtual Summit where we’ll be speaking on the first day on ‘Striking Balance – The challenge of competing priorities in complex procurements’.

In this session, Drew Schlosser, Senior Procurement Consultant in Canada will be joined by Peter Marshall, Global Services Director and Mike Ross, International Services – Capability Lead to share their experiences of supporting the ever-increasing complexity of managing procurements.

One of the hallmarks of complex procurements is the competition that arises between stakeholder groups, all of whom may describe the ‘best possible outcome’ in very different ways. We see this arise in prominent ways in Canada’s major defence procurements with the implementation of the Industrial Technological Benefits policy and increasingly in other major procurements throughout the world with the inclusion of Social Value and Green initiatives. 

Drew, Peter and Mike will explore the expanding concept of Value for Money in complex procurement and will take a deeper dive into the criteria development, weighting, and sensitivity analysis facets of evaluation design through the lens of arriving at the best value as well as exploring where current best practices need to be expanded in the future.

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