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Transparency in Government Contracts

This paper explores the latest transparency in Government Contracts policies and the guidelines for their implementation.

It then analyses the impacts that these have on both the buying and bidding organisations in how they manage their procurement and bid projects and how AWARD® can support and de-risk the additional processes required in order to comply with the policies.

Within the Coalition’s ‘Programme for Government’, Section 16 – Government Transparency – begins with the following statement.

“The Government believes that we need to throw open the doors of public bodies, to enable the public to hold politicians and public bodies to account.

We also recognise that this will help to deliver better value for money in public spending, and help us achieve our aim of cutting the record deficit.

Setting government data free will bring significant economic benefits by enabling businesses and non-profit organisations to build innovative applications and websites.”

This stance has now resulted in the establishment of several policies from Central Government related to transparency in the areas of procurement and contracting.

This paper looks at the effect that these policies have on both the bidder and buyer and in turn how AWARD®, Commerce Decisions evaluation software, can be used to support the additional requirements that these policies introduce.

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How strong is your audit trail? Would it stand up to scrutiny?

How strong is your audit trail? Would it stand up to scrutiny?