ADVANCE™ Training

Having built an unrivalled and enviable reputation in the provision of expert support and thought-leadership to the
procurement sector, Commerce Decisions is uniquely placed to provide advice and guidance to the bidding community.

Commerce Decisions has now been supporting bidders for over 10 years with its independent bid review service,
focusing attention on the buyer’s priorities and supporting the development of compelling, coherent proposals.

Our bid support service has been proven to add up to a 7% increase to the bid score.

We offer a consultancy-led solution comprising a Bidder Training Course and four distinct phases of support underpinned by the ADVANCE software.

Duration: 1 day

Location: This one day course can be provided online or face to face.

Course description

This course is for Bid Managers who will be using ADVANCE™ to manage their bid review process. The course will provide you with an understanding of the key concepts needed to use ADVANCE™ as both a Bid Manager and also as a Reviewer.

Course objective

Our 1-day training course will leave you feeling equipped to manage your bid reviews in ADVANCE™, linking seamlessly with your existing process.

Who should attend?

Bid Managers/Bid Teams who are new to the ADVANCE™ software or in a need of a refresher.

Key topics

  • Overview of the key concepts/building blocks of an ADVANCE™ project
  • Uploading the bid response documents into ADVANCE™
  • Setting up and managing the bid review process in ADVANCE™ – informal, formal and collaborative reviews
  • Using the Dashboard to prioritise the bid responses
  • Setting question targets and interpreting the Review Dashboard
  • Communicating with the reviewers in ADVANCE™
  • Demonstration of how to export the bid responses from ADVANCE™ into AWARD®


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