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Battleships Training Day

Duration: 1 day

Location: This one day course can be provided on site or hosted at a Commerce Decisions office for between 8 to 12 delegates.

Course overview

Our Battleships Training is an exercise based on a fictitious procurement of ‘Battleships Simulation Services’. Your team will use our new Position to Win capability to prepare, submit and compete to win a hypothetical bid in a day. The format of the day comprises:

  • Use ADVANCE™ to import an AWARD® Evaluation configuration to model and test your bid in the same way as the Authority will
  • Use ADVANCE™ Position to Win to work out your optimum solution to bid 
  • Use ADVANCE™ Review to prepare your bid responses 
  • Upload and submit your ADVANCE™ bid response file into AWARD® 
  • Bids are assessed in AWARD® to assess the winning team. 

Take a look at this quick video from our Battleships: Sink or Swim launch event to give you a flavour of how the day will run.

Why attend?

As a bidder, you’re under ever-increasing pressure to win more bids. ADVANCE™ Position to Win will quickly establish where your highest chance of success is and help you establish a data-led bid strategy that’s defendable internally.

This course is a unique opportunity to gain experience of the overall approach to Position to Win and to understand how you can win more bids via this strategic approach.

Learn first-hand how the process can be run, managed and reported on with the ADVANCE™ software tool. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to develop a data-led approach that wins you more bids as you go head-to-head against your peers.

Who should attend?

Any members of your Sales and Bid teams who are involved in the bidding process. This course can be delivered to between 8 and 12 members of all levels and responsibilities of your teams.

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For more information about this training day including how to book, costs and content, please contact us. Find out more about ADVANCE™ Position to Win in our datasheet.