Commerce Decisions and Atamis Collaborate to Deliver Seamless Procurement Evaluation solution for complex projects

Commerce Decisions (AWARD®), providers of the expert software solution for complex procurement evaluation, AWARD® and Atamis, a leading procurement software provider for UK procurement teams, are pleased to announce the launch of an integration between the solutions, in response to growing customer demand. The latest AWARD® and Atamis releases will include this added integration capability, offering customers an unparalleled and streamlined experience between the two platforms.

Recognising the needs of customers across the NHS and wider public sector who require both systems, AWARD® and Atamis have joined forces to create an integrated solution. The collaboration ensures a smooth transition for Atamis users, enabling them to seamlessly execute their more complex procurement evaluations within the robust framework of AWARD®.

By combining their expertise and technologies, Commerce Decisions and Atamis have created an integration that empowers procurement professionals to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Users can extract their project details, set up and documentation from Atamis and import them directly into AWARD®, supported by AWARD’s guided workflow, ProjectAssist, if needed. The imported details are mapped against the corresponding criteria and bidder folders in AWARD®, ready for the evaluation. Relevant criteria and Supplier responses in AWARD® are presented to the relevant evaluators so that they can get on with the job of evaluating their questions straight away.

By harnessing the combined strength of Atamis and AWARD®, procurement professionals can optimise their sourcing processes, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring robust evaluations on the most important procurements.

We are excited to collaborate with Atamis on this integration, which marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge, proven and fit for purpose procurement solutions. The seamless integration of AWARD® and Atamis empowers our customers with enhanced capabilities to streamline their procurement evaluation processes and achieve better outcomes.

Gavin Shepheard, MD of Commerce Decisions

At Atamis we are continually evolving to meet the needs of procurement experts. The intrinsic capacity of Atamis to integrate with other complementary systems is one of our key strengths so we are thrilled to be working with Commerce Decisions on this. We are looking forward to talking to clients about the benefits they experience from using this integration as these first-hand accounts of the power we can bring to procurement are what really excites us.

Phil Musgrave, Atamis CEO

AWARD® and Atamis continue to drive innovation in the procurement industry, helping organisations achieve their sourcing objectives with confidence. The collaborative integration exemplifies their dedication to delivering seamless and effective technologies to support the end-to-end procurement process.

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