Planning your procurement: AWARD® Plan

Part of the AWARD® Solution, AWARD® Plan helps you to securely share and control the data that drives your strategic projects.

Easy to deploy and used on some of the world’s most important procurements, AWARD® Plan is more than just a Dataroom. It provides:

  • A highly secure, resilient cloud data environment
  • Support for Market Engagement activities
  • Secure, transparent interaction with suppliers, stakeholders and internal users
  • Document and workflow management
  • Robust user access and management
  • Clear, efficient, auditable communication
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Full reporting capabilities, including audit

AWARD® Plan gives you the ability to control the access levels of your project team, supply chain or external stakeholders and enables you to efficiently and securely manage the multiple communications that take place throughout your project/procurement, including preliminary market engagement activities if required.

From start to finish, AWARD® Plan provides a clear and transparent audit trail, providing you with a record of all actions taken and a robust defence in the event of challenge.

award plan graphic (prepare and execute greyed out)

AWARD® Plan encompasses the following capabilities and is part of the AWARD® Solution, comprising two other elements, Prepare and Execute. Find out more in the AWARD® Plan datasheet here.

Good early engagement with potential suppliers routinely leads to better competition outcomes. By developing an accurate understanding of your marketplace, you allow for better decisions to be made. Early market engagement is strongly recommended by the Procurement Act 2023.

So, where do you begin? Our AWARD
® Market Engagement module is here to help you plan for success by supporting:

  • Information landscape, document research and review
  • Information sharing and communications
  • Market information management
  • Options report writing

This module will ensure your project is primed for success, right from the offset.

Find out more about the AWARD® Market Engagement here.

Take control and streamline the management of project documents and communications, with AWARD® Dataroom.

Key features include:

  • A secure, resilient cloud data environment for peace of mind
  • Efficient document and workflow management, taking away the headache of managing multiple communications
  • Robust access management to keep you in control of your users
  • Clear, efficient, and auditable communication to protect you from challenges
  • An intuitive user interface for ease of use

Find out more about the AWARD® Dataroom here.

Gathering information from bidders and presenting it to evaluators can be unnecessarily time consuming and complex. With AWARD® Interaction, bidders can provide tender responses and upload bid documentation directly into AWARD®.

Created out of a need to streamline this process, AWARD
® Interaction provides:

  • Secure document transfer and data storage
  • Clarification management, control and audit
  • Bid upload capability, including offline submission function for time saving efficiencies
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • A sealed answer book to ensure bids are not accessed prior to tender deadlines

Find out more about the AWARD® Interaction here.

If you need support with your evaluation design or technical support for AWARD® Plan, our Procurement Evaluation Design team is on hand to support each step of this initial stage with their best practice advice and innovative thinking.

We can run a Market Engagement workshop, deliver targeted training to empower your project team, or provide bespoke support with:

  • Supplier registration support
  • Supplier selection documentation
  • Invitation documentation
  • Maximising your use of the AWARD® software
  • Turnkey type deployments

What value do we add?

  • We fill gaps in resources and knowledge, providing support and organising industry days for enhanced engagement.
  • Our expertise ensures the right questions are asked, making the process more effective.
  • We effectively target the market to obtain the information you need.
  • We collaborate with your team, leveraging their expertise and facilitating valuable insights.
  • We ensure a seamless transition from market engagement support to utilising the AWARD® software effectively.
  • Our services contribute to nurturing relationships with the marketplace, resulting in valuable information and insights.

How do we make your job easier?

  • Avoid testing the wrong things or over ‘solutionalising’: it’s easy to get crucial parts wrong when conducting market engagement. We guide you through executing the initial steps correctly.
  • Ensure you don’t ask the wrong questions: we help you avoid this common mistake that may lead to ineffective outcomes or misunderstandings.
  • Save time: we optimise your resources and efforts by building strong relationships with the marketplace, ensuring their continued engagement.

We offer significant value by minimising errors, optimising time and resources, and fostering stronger relationships with the marketplace.

Get in touch to learn more and explore how we can make your job easier during the Market Engagement stage and beyond and improve your project outcomes.

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