We support organisations from across the globe to deliver best possible outcomes on complex procurement projects in multiple sectors. From building schools and hospitals, to developing major new transport links, purchasing defence equipment and delivering IT frameworks, we make a real difference to government, defence, infrastructure and commercial projects.

Whatever your sector, and whether you’re a buyer or bidder, our solutions are here to support your next strategic procurement project.

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The defence environment is fast-changing, with ever-increasing threats from offensive cyber, global conflicts and insurgent warfare.

AWARD® is here to deliver efficient processes, value for money and best possible outcomes from your high risk, strategic procurements.

Under a corporate license, AWARD® is deployed within the UK Ministry of Defence as their preferred solution for strategic tender evaluation, and is now integrated as part of the DSP.


Our AWARD® Solution is trusted by government departments across the globe to ensure decision making is more robust, transparent and clear-cut, and project outcomes better.

Making the right decision when awarding a significant contract is crucial, it ensures delivery of the best possible solution as well as value for money on public spending.


Major infrastructure projects are typically costly and complex to deliver, so as a buyer you need efficient processes in place to ensure your procurement projects complete as planned, and your chosen supplier can deliver exactly what your project team are after.

Since 2001, via our AWARD® Solution, we’ve been successfully supporting hundreds of large-scale infrastructure programmes around the world.


With over 15 years’ experience in public sector supplier evaluation, across some of the world’s largest procurements, we’re uniquely (and ideally) placed to support the commercial industry with their bids.

As a bidder you face constant pressure – you need to deliver shareholder value, reduce project risk and costs, as well as meet increasing social value, environmental and ethical sourcing targets.

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