Preparing your procurement: AWARD® Prepare

AWARD® Prepare is the second element of the AWARD® Solution, and is designed to support you with the most critical stages of your procurement design, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcomes.

As with our other offerings, the Prepare software is underpinned by our pioneering methodologies and thought leadership, so you can be confident that you are running your projects using the most advanced tools and techniques on the market.

AWARD® Prepare ensures you’re primed for success, and empowers you to:

  • Ensure your expected outcome is aligned with your project objectives
  • Create a defensible, robust set of weighted criteria
  • Select the most appropriate value for money method to assure the right outcome
  • Protect your decisions from challenges
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The AWARD® Prepare offering encompasses the following capabilities: Structured Criteria Development; Weighting Workshop; Real Value for Money. Find out more in the AWARD® Prepare datasheet here.

As pressure on delivering successful outcomes continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing need to develop a robust set of criteria against which to procure your solution…


But we’ve got you covered – with the AWARD® SCD module you’re armed with a comprehensive set of tools and processes to:

  • Create robust, fit for purpose and defensible contract award criteria
  • Ensure stakeholders are consistently directed to a single version of the truth
  • Deliver a consensus view of requirement variables
  • Record engagement with geographically displaced stakeholders
  • Remove undue influence from independent thought

The Requirements Management functionality forms part of the AWARD® SCD module. It provides a collaborative environment for the development of requirements during the early phases of a project or programme, well before the consideration and development of the evaluation criteria.

Find out more about the AWARD® SCD methodology here.

Empowering you with the confidence that your decision-making process can be defended if necessary, and that your chosen solution neatly aligns to the requirements of your stakeholders – this is where our Weighting Workshop comes into play.


Included as part of the RVfM module, or as a standalone, this tool:

  • Enables you to apply a meaningful set of weights across the project’s criteria set
  • Takes you through thorough testing and sensitivity analysis to help achieve success
  • Gives internal stakeholders the confidence that their requirements are being fairly considered and taken into account when choosing a solution
  • Provides a robust process to ensure your chosen supplier meets team requirements

Find out more about the Weighting Workshop tool here.

Supported by our expert services, the AWARD® RVfM module has been specifically designed to support our pioneering methodology for determining value for money.


Through our RVfM module you can:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of commonly used methodologies
  • Define value for money and undertake sensitivity analysis
  • Ensure a robust ranking for each bid
  • Utilise a transparent scoring mechanism
  • Allow bidders to optimise their bid in order to deliver the best value for money solution possible
  • Ensure value for money is achieved

Find out about the AWARD® RVfM module here.

Our Procurement Evaluation Design team are here to help with how to get the most out of the AWARD® software, adding extra resource with the latest innovative thinking, or workshops to upskill your team.

They will skilfully guide you through the following stages:

  • Structured Criteria Development (SCD)
  • Weighting
  • Evaluation of cost
  • Real Value for Money (RVfM)

What value do we add?

  • Suitability testing and verification for your criteria/questions: gain assurance through our end-of-model testing or wargaming.
  • Criteria/question writing support: to develop robust criteria/questions as part of your evaluation strategy.
  • Improved outcomes and efficiency: our preparation and methodologies lead to better overall outcomes and reduce the risk of project reruns, potential delays and project failures.
  • Early stakeholder engagement: to avoid potential issues/politics that can later arise, ensuring a smoother evaluation process.
  • Shared knowledge and explanation: we empower you to make informed decisions, arming you with transferable skills.

How do we make your job easier?

  • Developing effective criteria is easy to get wrong: we ensure it’s done correctly so you can effectively establish criteria that align with your desired outcomes.
  • Provision of a robust and auditable methodology/process: ensure a timely and successful delivery, avoid non-compliant bids and protect yourself from challenges.
  • Simplify gaining approvals and reduce pushback: via a well-documented methodology and process, backed up by our reputation.
  • Handle complexities with deep technical knowledge: we have the knowledge needed to make your job easier.
  • Enhance professional reputation: our support means the best possible outcomes, positively reflecting on you.
  • Instil confidence in your process via due diligence: we ensure you develop and test the model accurately to demonstrate a thorough and proper methodology.

By harnessing the knowledge and expertise of our team, you can optimise each of these vital components and establish a solid foundation for a successful evaluation process.

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