Through our selected network of partners, we broaden our scope technically and geographically to support and develop the solutions we can bring our customers.

We are actively increasing our partner network, to support our work as independent evaluation experts. Take a look at our current partners below to find out how we work together to benefit the procurement world.

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Atamis is a leading UK procurement software provider that increases efficiencies throughout the strategic sourcing cycle.

The Atamis system has been deployed to over 300 organisations including the Cabinet Office for contract & supplier management, Admiral Group plc for eSourcing and supplier due diligence, NHS England for pre-procurement approval and the Welsh Government for analysing £6bn p.a. of cross-public sector spend. Atamis is the provider for the Department of Health and Social Care’s end-to-end eCommercial system, which is either already implemented or in the process of being rolled out across NHS Bodies, DHSC arm’s length bodies and other parts of the Health Service.

Atamis is a modular, software-as-a-service solution, so clients can pick and choose the elements they need – but it stands out for its flexibility. Our clients tell us that no other procurement system is as capable of meeting custom requirements. Powered by Salesforce, Atamis also has sophisticated reporting capabilities.

Reliable, responsive and intuitive, information in the system is always accurate and instantly available. Above all, what makes the Atamis solution excel is the quality support you’ll receive from our dedicated team of responsive, proactive and talented people who take pride in personally ensuring your procurement operation runs to maximum effect.


TechConnect:ME is a procurement technology and professional services advisory firm based in the United Arab Emirates, we bring innovative world-class technology and services solutions to the Middle East region and help our clients across the Middle East solve problems, improve business outcomes, and discover new sources of value.


Samtaler offer a range of services to help both procurers and suppliers throughout the UK to embed social value, community benefit and economic value into the procurement process.

The Samtaler team have an in-depth knowledge of the political and policy climate and expertise through working at the most senior levels of government and with a wide variety of third sector and community based organisations. They use this experience to help businesses match the resources they have available with the areas where they are needed most.

Together with Commerce Decisions, Samtaler help:

  • Buyers to implement and embed social value into their procurement processes; improving outcomes, creating additional value, and responding to the changing needs of modern communities, without raising costs.
  • Suppliers to identify ways they can create social value and community benefit method statements which add real value to their tenders, making their bids stand out from their competitors, without impacting on price.

ACQ Consulting Ltd

ACQ Consulting Ltd is a procurement and commercial management consultancy working across all manner of projects connected to critical infrastructure.

With a focus on maximising value and minimising risk in every aspect of the project lifecycle, ACQ have a strong pedigree in strategy development, procurement management, negotiation and project delivery.

ACQ are experienced in the deployment of our AWARD® solution and together we work in partnership to deliver successful strategic projects in the UK and internationally.


JAGGAER (formerly BravoSolution) helps purchasing professionals to drive financial performance, build procurement organisational excellence, manage risk, and influence innovation. Working globally across the public and private sectors, their solution suites focus on source to pay e-procurement with advanced spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management, contract life management, savings tracking and intelligent workflow capabilities.

Commerce Decisions has worked together with JAGGAER (BravoSolution) since May 2005 and is the company’s longest standing partnership. In that time, we have established a dynamic integration with their esourcing tool, JAGGAER Sourcing +, which has enabled us to seamlessly collaborate on more than 80 customers’ complex procurements.

Offset Market Exchange (OMX)

Offset Market Exchange (OMX) is a collaborative platform for accessing procurement opportunities and analysing the socio-economic impact of organisations in domestic and international defence, aerospace, oil & gas, mining, automotive and construction industries, and in other complex global supply chains.

The OMX marketplace provides access to tens of thousands of companies by region, size, classification and capability. It also contains a robust transactional system for connecting companies through collaborative data and document management. It enables organisations to increase efficiency, reduce cost and ensure optimum economic benefits from their procurements.

Together Commerce Decisions and OMX provide the solutions for organisations who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits, and then to effectively track and report on them.


Proactis enables digital trade for all, by helping organisations around the world to control 100% of their spend. Proactis work with their customers to transform their Source-to-Pay processes; to help them save money and create efficiency gains while increasing compliance and reducing risk.

From sourcing projects, contract management and procurement transactions to supplier collaboration and automated invoice processing, their integrated spend management solutions streamline and control all purchasing and spend.

Proactis serves over 1,000 enterprise clients and 2 million suppliers. Their solutions are used daily by over 3 million people in 100+ countries. The company was admitted to the AIM market of London Stock Exchange in June 2006.

Commerce Decisions works in partnership with Proactis to complement their solutions and enable customers to get the best possible outcomes from their strategic and complex procurement projects.


Established over 10 years ago, Salentis provides support to bidding organisations with their bid and tender development activities. Salentis works with clients to build the most appropriate solutions to fit their requirements and budgets as well as the complexity and size of the bid.

Salentis works with Commerce Decisions to extend our support to bid teams.


Meadow3 helps bidding organisations to focus on opportunities that they can win. They help bidders create and capture business by understanding more about the people who are buying from them, including their needs and motivations.

As a user of Commerce Decisions’ ADVANCE™ software, Meadow3 is able to extend our support services to bid teams as they navigate through the bidding process.

The Social Value Portal

The Social Value Portal is an on-line solution that allows organisations to measure and manage the contribution that their organisation and supply chain makes to society, according to the principles laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. The solution allows organisations to report both non-financial AND financial data and rewards organisations for doing “more good” in the community.

Optima Systems Consultancy

We have partnered with requirements specialists, Optima Systems Consultancy, to optimise the outcome of your complex procurement project with:

  • A solid foundation with a precise, stakeholder-approved definition of the requirements.
  • An integrated project team (both technical and commercial) that works collaboratively to ensure cohesion between the requirements and the parameters of the procurement process.

Our unique approach is designed specifically to address these critical elements and creates a customised solution that avoids the all too common pitfalls faced by procurement teams on their complex projects.

We will work in partnership with your team and key stakeholders to:

  • Define fit for purpose, ‘SMART’ requirements, with justifications
  • Align requirements with your operational and business needs
  • Support any trade-space arising and record requirements changes in an auditable manner.
  • Obtain stakeholder consensus and validation
  • Vet requirements against the overall project/programme objectives
  • Support your development of the procurement model and marking scheme from a requirements perspective
  • Evaluate tender responses

Our approach will:

  • Ensure the best value for money outcome
  • Acquire fit-for-purpose goods & services
  • Deliver cost-savings
  • Mitigate risk from initiation
  • Improve profitability

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