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Strategic procurements involve multiple stakeholders and can be incredibly risky and expensive – typically eating up more than 50% of annual spend and accounting for 90% of the risk.

By their very nature, they have a big impact on your business performance. Navigating your way through the pitfalls and challenges of these projects isn’t easy – and yet making the correct decision is critical.

That’s where our AWARD® Solution comes in. Since 2001, AWARD® has been helping buyers to confidently and efficiently select the best supplier, whilst keeping a clear audit trail and managing multiple team members. With our Pro, Plus and Premium packages, AWARD® is flexible and scalable, delivering benefit to your projects, programmes and organisations, whatever their shape or size.

We’ve also launched our High Impact Support Packages, delivering exceptional value-add and benefit to your projects, programmes and organisations, whatever their shape or size.

Our AWARD® Solution comprises the three elements below; together bringing the most comprehensive strategic evaluation capability to market.


The AWARD® software offers a range of modules to simplify and organise even the most complex procurement projects, so you can concentrate on achieving better outcomes.


Our hands-on experts support your project, assist with the software, and share the very latest in thought leadership. Stay ahead of the curve with our proven methodologies.


From best practice tips for using our software, to a detailed knowledge share of our unrivalled expertise, we offer a range of training sessions to empower you in your role as a buyer.


We’re immensely proud of the impact AWARD® is having on projects around the world – reducing time to contract, improving value for money and mitigating the risks of complex procurement. As our infographic shows, to date we’ve helped more than 296,000 individuals on over 20,760 projects, collectively worth over $600 billion. With a 96% client retention rate, AWARD® is respected and trusted on a global scale across defence, aerospace, healthcare, infrastructure and government.

From planning market engagement, to achieving value for money, developing a robust criteria set and conducting fair and transparent evaluations, our AWARD® solution is here to provide flexible support for your procurement process, every step of the way.

Delivering Best Possible Solutions Since 2001 with AWARD® by Commerce Decisions



Client Feedback

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    AWARD® more than paid for itself with savings harvested from TEWG members not needing to travel interstate. Lengthy travel approval processes were also avoided.

    Rodger Phillips (Executive Director Contracting, DMO Maritime Division).
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    It is critical that Infrastructure Ontario conducts robust, open and fair procurements to ensure prudent use of public funds. We selected AWARD® to assure an efficient and effective evaluation process that is robust, transparent and defensible.

    Michael Inch, VP Procurement, Infrastructure Ontario
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    Allowing the large number of external stakeholders to input their data directly into AWARD® via the web made it much easier for them. It allowed them to do it when it was convenient for them and had the effect of speeding up the whole process and, I believe, enhanced the quality and contribution they were able to make.

    Rob Elek PFI Project Manager
    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
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    Along with the invaluable help that Commerce Decisions gave us in the development of the evaluation strategy, they also supported us with a series of excellent training sessions. This provided the team with all we required to ensure we made the most effective use of AWARD®.

    Mike Clifford, School Liaison Manager 3HS
    Project, Scottish Borders Council
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    Using AWARD® in addition to our esourcing tool gave us a greater range of functionality in terms of document management, ease of evaluation process and the creation of progress reports and supplier de-briefing material. The range of management information we were able to interrogate AWARD® for helped us to manage the project, and suppliers were pleased with
    the de-brief reports generated.

    Troy Martin, Commercial Manager Home Office General Property
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    Debriefing is a real strong point of AWARD® – it gets right to the heart of where a tenderer was strong or weak. Tenderers appreciate the detail, and have confidence in the process as a result – we’ve never been challenged and rarely hear from dissatisfied tenderers!

    Claire Skinner, Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Operational Procurement
    and Compliance
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    AWARD® was a key tool that allowed us to efficiently manage our procurement processes. We found AWARD® to be helpful in making the evaluation process as simple and effective as possible. At the same time, it is helping to ensure that the procurement process is completed in a robust and transparent manner.

    Matthew Fearnhead Project
    Co-ordinator, Mersey
    Gateway Project Team
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    AWARD® proved to be extremely easy to use and evaluators required less than 30 minutes training to get up and running with the tool,

    Helen Oliver, Senior eSourcing Project Manager, Value Wales xchangewales project
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    I would recommend AWARD® software. Its advantages over a paper-based system are numerous. Not only did it help us produce a better outcome but it also significantly reduced the procurement cycle time and made the whole process far more efficient.

    Colin Browne Deputy Framework Manager Research Framework, Department for Work and Pensions
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    AWARD® has helped us immensely with our procurement process, allowing us to share large amounts of competitive dialogue documents between the bidders and the project team. AWARD® manages and keeps an automatic audit trail, and has proved an invaluable tool for evaluating the bids, particularly as our project evaluation team members and advisors are based at various different geographical locations.

    Darshan Chatha —Programme Manager, Hull City Council
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    The level of customer support and appreciation of the context in which the system is used along with relevant procurement related knowledge has also been both excellent and helpful.

    Kevin O’Neill – Principal Officer, Contracts and Quality Commissioning team
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    Your team has been instrumental in the programme success. Evaluation is where rubber hits road in terms of regulatory compliance and they did an incredible job. You have a team to be proud of. Thanks again for an outstanding job on Crossrail, over £11bn of spend committed without the loss of a single day on the programme critical pat – not a bad result all round.

    Martin Rowark, Procurement Director
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    Using AWARD® enabled us to successfully manage a complex tender evaluation.

    Marshall Project Team
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    Working with Commerce Decisions and using AWARD® allowed us to show the market we were serious about taking a ‘best practice’ approach. We were able to tap into the deep knowledge and experience of the Commerce Decisions’ consultants who understood the needs and approach of both the private and the public sectors. I would have no hesitation in using AWARD® again and in recommending it to others for use on strategic procurements.

    Mike Smith, Procurement Manager Aberystwyth University
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    Commerce Decisions’ involvement has had a major impact on the Hadley Community procurement process. The combination of their professional services team and AWARD® software has had a fundamental effect on our ability to make this project fly. Time to market has been reduced and the overall quality of the procurement process substantially enhanced.

    Tracy Penrose, Project Manager, Borough of Telford & Wrekin
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    AWARD® is now an integral and key element of our procurement strategy. We cannot imagine returning to a paper-based process.”

    Senior Procurement Manager
    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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