AWARD® Foundation

To qualify for the AWARD® Foundation Certification, you must have successfully completed two days of formal classroom training.

You will have independently built, configured and managed an AWARD® evaluation project, and demonstrated competency in the core AWARD® Evaluation module. For the certification to be issued, your project must have been verified by a Commerce Decisions Procurement Consultant.

As a badge earner, you are also able to show understanding of the following AWARD® topics:

  • Question levels and hierarchy
  • Evidence item import and mapping
  • Document group types and controlling visibility of the document contained within these 
  • Answer measures and answer types including the AWARD® aggregation methods
  • Project Roles
  • Submission management
  • Exercise configuration to support process
  • Assessor work assignments
  • eSourcing transfer process (where used)
  • Results reporting
  • Supplier portal (licence dependent)
  • Supplier management
  • AWARD® Communications model

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