AWARD® Intermediate

To qualify for the AWARD® Intermediate Certification, you must have successfully passed your foundation accreditation and completed additional formal classroom training. You will have already demonstrated competency in building and managing an AWARD® Evaluation Project. This certification is designed to progress your knowledge to allow you to become super users within your organisation.

You will have demonstrated your ability to apply your AWARD® knowledge in different contexts. You will also be able to utilise the advanced features of AWARD® safely and appropriately.  For the certification to be issued, you must have completed assessed scenario-based activities, within a replica AWARD® project, designed to assimilate challenges experienced on a ‘real world’ procurement project.  You will also have constructed a multi-project which has been reviewed by a Commerce Decisions consultant.

As a badge earner, you will also be able to show understanding of the following AWARD® topics:

  • Multi-Lot Project configuration and reporting
  • Custom reports and Report Packs
  • Advanced Exercise Configuration Options; Expected Assessor Count, Default Answer Status, Manual Assignment of Submission to Users
  • AWARD® Debrief Exercise setup and use
  • Application of different aggregation methods; Weighted Sum, Weighted Average
  • Workgroups and Restricted Document access
  • Account administration
  • Revisions
  • Advanced Supplier Portals (licence dependent)
  • AWARD® Data Room (licence dependent)
  • Supplier Self Registration (licence dependent)

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