CIPMM National Workshop 2023

Join Evan Hammond and our global procurement experts, Drew Schlosser and Dani Moore at the 2023 CIPMM National Workshop.

Discover practical evaluation approaches to assess confidence in a delivery schedule on complex projects. Also, develop your skills to expertly evaluate your next complex procurement and select your winning bid with confidence.

Smarter Procurement: Mitigating Schedule & Delivery Risk to Save Time and Money

By Drew Schlosser and Evan Hammond, Commerce Decisions
Wednesday 7th June at 10:30am – 11:15am
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre

Many projects fail to achieve success because the proposed delivery schedule is never achieved. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Leveraging over 20 years’ experience as global procurement leaders, this session shares our top tips for best possible outcomes, including lessons learned from supporting some of Canada’s most important projects.

headshot of Drew Schlosser
Drew Schlosser
Evan Hammond
Evan Hammond

Reasons to attend:

  • Understand the common reasons why delivery schedules fail including potential pitfalls and challenges you may encounter, so you can mitigate against them
  • Discover key steps for procurement success: the session will help you to work smarter, save time and money, and mitigate delivery risk
  • Take away the tips and lessons learned from the session to apply to future procurement projects, helping you to excel in your role and achieve better outcomes
  • Learn first-hand from an experienced global procurement leader: Drew has supported some of Canada’s top projects including the Canadian Surface Combatant and will provide invaluable insights into best practice

We hope to see you at the session, but if you’re unable to attend, contact us here to be first in-line for a webinar edition of the session.

Conducting Successful Evaluations
Master Class

By Drew Schlosser and Dani Moore, Commerce Decisions
Wednesday 8th June at 10:00am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Ottawa Conference and Event Centre

The evaluation phase is critical to the success of any procurement. Your team has worked hard to produce the bid documents and the bidders have submitted their responses – how you lead a team of evaluators and moderators to conduct the evaluation phase will make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

headshot of Drew Schlosser
Drew Schlosser
Dani Moore
Dani Moore

This course provides practical, implementable, and clear advice to evaluation managers preparing to assess bids. With content drawn from 20+ years of experience supporting bid assessments globally, it offers best practice guidance to support a successful evaluation.

In this interactive session, complete with small group and practical exercises, you will:

  • Understand the requirements of public procurement that affect evaluation
  • Understand how to communication fully and effectively with bidders
  • Explore what Fairness, Openness, and Transparency mean in the context of conducting a successful evaluation
  • Understand different consensus techniques – and practice the most effective ones
  • Learn how to write strong and consistent rationale, ensuring your evaluation avoids bias and mitigates the risk of a successful challenge
  • Learn what to include in a bid evaluation plan to make for an efficient process

You will develop your skills to expertly evaluate your next complex procurement and select your winning bid with confidence.

Interested in attending a webinar edition of the presentation instead?