CIPMM National Workshop 2024

4-6 June 2024 | Ottawa Conference & Event Centre

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at this year’s CIPMM National Workshop!

You can find us from day one at Booth Number 8 in the exhibition hall. Our team of Drew Schlosser, Dani Moore, Evan Hammond and Arham Moeen will be delighted to see you.

On day two, Drew Schlosser and Dani Moore will be running Concurrent Session #48 (3:00pm – 3:45pm) in room 210, this talk is titled ‘Achieving Value for Money in Single Supplier Scenarios’.

In this presentation, Drew Schlosser and Dani Moore will break down the different single supplier scenarios and will provide a model for evaluation that will work to not only achieve value for money but demonstrate it with a clear audit trail.

On day three, Drew and Dani will also deliver Master Class #1 on Principles of Tender Evaluation. More information about this Master Class is below.

Principles of Tender Evaluation Master Class

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Room: 210

This course provides a set of high-level principles to help you plan and deliver effective tender evaluations that produce robust competition results. These are proven to reduce the risk of legal challenge and increase the chance of better value for money outcomes.

The course discusses best practice guidance and methodologies, designed to help you make better supplier selection decisions. It focuses on helping you to improve value for money, make robust and defensible decisions and meet legislative and regulatory requirements during the strategic procurement process.

The course addresses the entire evaluation at the wavetop level and is based on our experience across a wide variety of procurements. You’ll understand how an evaluation model should be developed and learn techniques for defining and structuring key criteria, weighting these criteria and measuring them. Via our best practice evaluation methods, we’ll show how you can optimise reporting and analysis to help deliver successful procurement project outcomes.

The course uses both fun quizzes and interactive small group discussions to allow participants to learn and share their experiences with others.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the key elements of a procurement evaluation
  • Understand key factors to designing and choosing an appropriate evaluation strategy
  • Understand how to achieve value for money
  • Know how to use criteria design, weighting, and value for money calculation method selection to control risk
  • Identify important factors in planning an evaluation

Course Leaders

drew schlosser headshot

Drew Schlosser, VP & Director, Professional Services

Drew Schlosser is responsible for consulting services and training delivery for North America and the UK at Commerce Decisions.

Since joining Commerce Decisions in 2019, Drew has provided thought leadership and expert advice to several DND Major Crown Projects, including Future Aircrew Training, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Logistics Vehicle Modernization, Strategic Tanker Transport Capability, Victoria Class In-service Support 2 and Light Utility Vehicle.

Drew is a 23-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy, where he was responsible for managing a number of materiel management programs and procurement projects, including bid evaluation design for the Canadian Surface Combatant, one of Canada’s largest procurements to date.

Dani Moore

Dani Moore, Senior Procurement Consultant

Danielle Moore resides in Stittsville, ON. She came to Commerce Decisions after a 31-year career with the Royal Canadian Navy where she started on the West Coast serving on the HMCS OTTAWA frigate and HMCS ALGONQUIN destroyer.

She served in Portsmouth, UK as a Trials officer for new communication, navigation, and command and control systems.

Dani spent the last 12 years working in Gatineau as the project manager for several key in-service support projects. She oversaw teams progressing high value replacement and acquisition projects on both the marine and weapon system side of the house and served as the Supportability lead on the Canadian Surface Combatant project.

Since joining Commerce Decisions in 2021, she has worked with FAcT, STTC, VISSC 2, and the LUV projects helping them to develop their Bid Tender evaluation as well as provided training to procurement team members in Canada.

Our work in Canada

Since 2015, we have supported numerous high value and high-risk procurement projects in Canada through our Professional Services and AWARD® Solution. Our expert solutions have benefited major public sector organisations, including the Department of National Defence (DND), the Government of Canada, and Infrastructure Ontario (IO).

For instance, AWARD® was instrumental in managing IO’s $2.5 billion Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) procurement project. It reduced procurement management time by 15% (saving one workday per week) and significantly mitigated the risks of delays, cost overruns and legal challenges. The Executive Vice President of Procurement and Program Management at IO said, “We’re seeing real and measurable benefits beyond those expected and hope to roll out AWARD® across a wider range of procurements over the coming months.”