Our High Impact Packages have been developed as a result of over 20 years of industry knowledge, to quickly deliver value and impact to your complex project where it matters most.

Whether you’re planning or just starting a procurement, or part way through, they are designed to provide accessible support, direct from our team of experts.

If your project is in the early stages, we focus on strategic objectives to help get it off to a flying start and identify and mitigate any potential risks from the outset.

But if you’re already part way through your project, we’ll ensure work done so far is aligned to your goals and address any issues, before you go any further.

We can also carry out our highly valued sensitivity analysis on your procurement design to assess if it will deliver the results you expect, so you can avoid a poor outcome. Your team may want help developing criteria, setting criteria weights, or exploring value for money.

Our packages can either place experienced and trusted consultants in your team, to facilitate the work, and share best practices. Or, if you want to upskill your team to work more independently, we provide facilitated training/workshops.

Our packages empower you to eliminate risk, cut time, and save money, so that the right procurement decisions are made. Find out more in our brochure here, and in the video below.

Spanning the length of the procurement process, our packages include:

Procurement Design Review
Expert recommendations based on your strategic objectives to get your project off to a flying start and identify any hidden flaws from the outset.

Sensitivity Analysis
A highly specialised analysis of your evaluation design to ensure it meets your desired outcomes.

Criteria Weighting
Move through this critical step quickly & rigorously with the assurance of the highest quality expertise.

Delivery Risk Evaluation Design
Ensure all inherent risks are factored into the evaluation design, so you can deliver on time & with the promised capabilities.

Commerce Decisions 4-Factor Weighting Methods (incl AWARD® software module)
Learn how to develop criteria weights using this robust, defensible, & repeatable approach.

Strategic Objective Alignment Review
Trusted assurance that your RFP/ITT is aligned with your strategic objectives, to reduce the risk of a poor outcome.

Criteria Development
Expert assistance to develop effective criteria rapidly, resulting in a high-quality evaluation design.

Value for Money Design
Confidently navigate this extremely challenging procurement design step with our expert guidance & support.

Confidence-Based Criteria: Enhanced Training & Toolkit
Arm yourselves with the experience & tools necessary to independently develop confidence-based criteria.

Accelerate your procurement with one of our High Impact Packages