Meet the team: Hannah Harper, Client Success Specialist

For this month’s Meet the Team, we caught up with Hannah who works on the AWARD® helpdesk supporting our clients. Find out more about Hannah in the full interview below.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

When and why did you decide to join Commerce Decisions?

I joined Commerce Decisions in December 2018 – a week before Christmas! So it was one week on and one week off  – quite a good start to ease myself in!  I really wanted to work in a company where I would feel part of a team and make a difference. 

What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities are providing technical help and support to our clients, their suppliers and our consultants in their use of AWARD®. This may be email or phone support, and soon to include the development of training materials and knowledge base articles. No two days or calls are ever the same, I never know what the customer is going to want or need so I have to think on my feet.

What is your current focus/priorities?

As a company we are always looking at ways to provide an even better service for our customers – and that’s something I get pretty involved in given the nature of my role. Currently that includes working with the wider team to launch our AWARD® ’Health Check’ to our ExpertAssist clients – a check-in service designed to help ensure they are getting the best from their AWARD® project set up.

What was your background before you joined Commerce Decisions?

For most of my working life I’ve been involved in some kind of IT or software support although that is not where I started out. I’m a qualified primary school teacher although never pursued this as a career as life took me in a different direction. I ended up tinkering with databases and this led me to data analysis and then software support.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m quite a home bod, and really enjoy crafts. I enjoy crocheting, which my granny taught me when I was a child but I didn’t really pick it back up until lockdown this last year and now love creating bits and bobs. I’ve even been teaching my friends over Zoom!

My other passion is food and baking and learning how to make new things. I’m currently trying to perfect crumpets!

What’s an accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

In one of my first jobs we had a team member who needed to relocate from the Ukraine with her family. This was back in the early 90’s so Google had not been invented and access to a very limited internet was on dial up – i.e. it was pretty much down to old school research and communication. I had no help or any idea how to do this when I started out but I managed to arrange her transfer, find her a house, a school for her child, a bank account and sort out her transfer papers! We’re still friends and she and her husband live in the same house today!

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

Regular exercise! I’ve got to find a way of burning off all those bakes! Plus I want to be able to join my husband (who is a cycling nut) on rides.

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