Deliver Successful Public Private Partnerships

Limited public resources combined with a growing demand for infrastructure development means that across the globe, governments are increasingly turning to the private sector to help meet the funding gap.

It’s not just the additional funding that appeals – P3 projects are a way to deliver innovation and higher quality public services and reduce the risk of unforeseen costs, as well as leveraging private sector experience and expertise.

But getting it right isn’t easy – how do you manage the increased complexities of bringing together public and private stakeholders, each with often conflicting objectives? There’s also a lack of framework for implementing these projects: what is best practice and how can you follow it for best possible outcomes?

So why not learn from the international leaders in P3 delivery? We’ve got over 20 years of delivering successful value for money P3s globally. And that includes working with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) who are recognised for their innovative approach to major infrastructure projects. Working together we helped them to overcome a range of challenges to successfully deliver a P3 procurement/project.

You’ll also have access to our P3 Capability Paper, here you can:

  • Find out more about P3 projects including challenges and risks and how to overcome these
  • Learn from client case studies about P3 best practice

If you’d like to find out more about P3 procurement best practice, get in touch with the team here.