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Costing less than 1% of your total project budget, AWARD® delivers time, cost and productivity savings on every procurement project.

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AWARD® reduces your exposure to risk with a 5 fold reduction in the probability of a successful legal challenge.

AWARD® is proven to significantly simplify the management of large volumes of information on complex projects. 45 million pages are electronically submitted into AWARD® each year, reducing your carbon footprint.

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By using AWARD®, Southern Health NHS FT were able to complete their EPR system replacement project within their limited timescales. With AWARD®, offline activities including external consultants using spreadsheets can also be eliminated.

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The MOD’s award-winning £1.5bn air traffic management programme to replace the UK’s military air infrastructure, was awarded 12 months early using AWARD®.


Using AWARD® in addition to their esourcing tool gave the Home Office‘s General Property Project a greater range of functionality regarding document management, ease of evaluation process, progress reports and supplier debriefing.

A secure, resilient cloud data environment for peace of mind, capable of storing large volumes of data, users and suppliers. Changes in legislation is closely monitored ensuring AWARD® remains in alignment.

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AWARD® supports the collaborative involvement of teams throughout the procurement process. It provides a cohesive, flexible and secure working environment for internal, external and bidder stakeholders worldwide. The ease of use of AWARD® and thoughtful layout enables our users to be onboarded quickly.

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Infrastructure Ontario selected AWARD® to assure an efficient and effective evaluation process that is robust, transparent and defensible, in order to ensure prudent use of public funds.


AWARD® more than paid for itself with travel and subsistence costs drastically reduced on a key maintenance contract for Australia’s Defence Materiel Organisation.

With over 150 years’ combined evaluation support experience on over $500 billion of projects supported internationally, we’re widely recognised as providers of the most comprehensive strategic evaluation capability on the market.

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