Smarter Procurement: Mitigating Schedule & Delivery Risk to Save Time and Money

Webinar Recording

This webinar took place in September 2023, the recording is now available.

Many projects fail to achieve success because the proposed delivery schedule is never achieved. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Leveraging over 20 years’ experience as global procurement leaders, this session shares our top tips for best possible outcomes, including lessons learned from supporting some of Canada’s most important projects.

Hosted by Evan Hammond and presented by procurement expert, Drew Schlosser.

Reasons to watch this webinar:

  • Understand the common reasons why delivery schedules fail including potential pitfalls and challenges you may encounter, so you can mitigate against them
  • Discover key steps for procurement success: the session will help you to work smarter, save time and money, and mitigate delivery risk
  • Take away the tips and lessons learned from the session to apply to future procurement projects, helping you to excel in your role and achieve better outcomes
  • Learn first-hand from an experienced global procurement leader: Drew has supported some of Canada’s top projects including the Canadian Surface Combatant and will provide invaluable insights into best practice

Watch the recording of this previously live session to access top tips and find out the key steps to implementing consistently smart and successful complex procurement projects.

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Headshot of Drew Schlosser
Drew Schlosser
Headshot of Evan Hammond
Evan Hammond

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We work alongside your existing sourcing tools to provide support for your top projects: the most expensive and complex procurements you’ll run.

We do this via AWARD® – our flexible and scalable web-based solution designed to deliver best possible outcomes on complex strategic projects.

AWARD® is trusted across the globe to complement the work of sourcing tools on some of the biggest procurements.

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