Webinar: Weighting in Australian Government Procurement Projects to achieve Best Value – what should I know?

Webinar Recording

This webinar took place in December 2022: the recording is now available.

How do you ensure your procurement process is defendable and transparent?

Weighting has long been used across the globe to ensure project teams can justify their decision making process.

And it’s now newly emerging as a process for Australian Government Procurements.

  • But what is best practice for Weighting?
  • How do you correctly use it?
  • Should you even be using Weighting?
  • And what could go wrong if you don’t Weight?

Join our experts, Drew Schlosser and John Kostakos in this 35 minute session to discover everything you need to know.

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drew schlosser
Drew Schlosser
john kostakos
John Kostakos

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Delve more into this subject with our White Paper