The importance of kindness

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

As you may be aware, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 18-24 May 2020. This year’s theme is kindness. As the Mental Health First Aider for Commerce Decisions, I regularly share tips with the team. But since we have a whole week dedicated to mental wellbeing, I thought I’d share more widely.

This seems particularly important in the current circumstances we find ourselves working and living in. It caused me to think about what I can do to be kinder to people I interact with, and how that would, or could, improve my own mental wellbeing.  The below are some of the things I’ll be trying. What would yours be?

  • Asking how people are and actually listening to the answer, looking out for ‘giveaways’ as to the real answer
  • Doing something unexpected for someone – a phone call when you have no reason other than to chat, a handwritten letter as opposed to an email, a smile and a hello when out and about. There are numerous things that could be written here.
  • Taking some time for yourself and being kind to one’s mind. A solo walk, taking time to look at what is around you and being aware of where you are mentally at that particular moment. If you find that is a negative space, be kind to yourself and share that with a trusted person. If it is positive, try to examine why and what has caused that feeling. Pursue this!
  • A walk with friends or family and being confident to walk in silence or to actually break the silence.

Kindness starts with you…….the rest will follow.

I hope you found these tips useful – feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn (link on the right below my photo) for related content.