AWARD® Training

This course is for people within a procurement team who need to understand how AWARD® can be used to support their procurement and/or who are involved in the day-to-day management or administration of their supplier selection activities.

The primary objective of the course is to ensure that attendees understand how to most effectively use AWARD® in support of these activities.

Who should attend?

  • Procurement team members responsible for delivering an evaluation process using the AWARD® solution
  • Procurement officers considering the use of AWARD®
  • Supplier selection project managers or administrators
person being taught by another person how to use the AWARD software

Key Topics

  • An overview of AWARD®
  • Evaluation using AWARD®
  • Understanding key AWARD® concepts
  • Enabling fast and dynamic access to evaluation documentation
  • Managing the evaluation process
  • Monitoring evaluation progress
  • Managing issues and clarifications
  • Producing reports to support decision-making and negotiations
  • Producing and managing audit trails in AWARD®


The AWARD® User course is taught using a ‘hands-on’ approach, with interactive classroom teaching supported by exercises using the AWARD® software running on laptops.

It has been designed to be delivered in two distinct parts, relating to different points in the procurement life-cycle.

The course is offered to project team members, delivered on-site for up to 10 attendees.

Part 1

Teaches how AWARD® can be most effectively used to support supplier selection activities by covering all the key concepts of AWARD®.

It gives attendees the knowledge they need to be able to make decisions about how to best deploy AWARD®, ensuring that the procurement process runs smoothly and makes full use of its capabilities.

Part 1 is ideally delivered at the beginning of the planning stage in order that the attendees have full awareness of AWARD® functionality before making key decisions about how they will exchange information with bidders and undertake their evaluation.

Part 2

Expands on the concepts covered in Part 1 to cover the various day-to-day tasks required to manage supplier selection activities in AWARD®.

This knowledge will enable attendees to be able to manage and administer the AWARD® system whilst it is being using by the wider team.

Part 2 addresses the phase after the planning stage – just before the actual supplier selection activities start. This ensures that attendees are able to administer AWARD® before it is used in a live environment.

Attendees will

Part 1

  • Be taken through all the key AWARD® concepts
  • Learn about all key AWARD® concepts and features
  • Learn how to make best use of AWARD® to support their supplier selection activities
  • Get ‘hands-on’ use of AWARD®

Part 2

  • Be reminded about the key AWARD® concepts
  • Get ‘hands-on’ use of AWARD®
  • Learn how to manage the evaluation process using AWARD®, including:
    • Adding users and assigning user profiles
    • Managing tender documentation
    • Managing the evaluation process
    • Issue / clarification management
    • Producing reports
  • Get ‘hands-on’ use of AWARD®

Further Information and Bookings

The 1-day on-site course is for up to 10 attendees.

Please note that a laptop with internet access is required for each attendee.

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AWARD® User Training Course