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Webinars for the UK MOD

We run complimentary webinars exclusively for the UK MOD, as part of our ongoing corporate agreement. These webinars are designed to upskill you in in your role, ensure consistency across the MOD and help secure best possible outcomes for your projects. Our webinar options include:

Introduction to AWARD® & Expert Services Webinar

This one hour webinar includes an overview of the full AWARD® software suite and the benefits that AWARD® provides to individual procurement practitioners and to their organisations. Delegates will be able to assess whether their current non-AWARD® based applications (e.g. MS Excel or MS SharePoint) offer the same level of procurement digitisation, or whether a move to AWARD® would be beneficial.

The next sessions will be taking place on:

9th February 2022 10-10:45am
6th April 2022 10-10:45am
4th May 2022 10-10:45am
8th June 2022 10-10:45am
6th July 2022 10-10:45am
10th August 2022 10-10:45am
7th September 2022 10-10:45am
5th October 2022 10-10:45am
9th November 2022 10-10:45am
7th December 2022 10-10:45am

Contact Ian Wiseman to book your place.

Principles of Tender Evaluation Webinar

This two hour webinar provides a set of high-level principles to help you plan and deliver effective tender evaluations that produce robust competition results. Delegates will be able to help their organisation run competitive tender evaluations based upon a set of repeatable key principles, proven to reduce the risk of legal challenge and increase the chance of better value for money outcomes.

The next sessions will be taking place on:

22nd March 2022 10am-12:30pm
19th April 2022 10am-12:30pm
24th May 2022 10am-12:30pm
28th June 2022 10am-12:30pm
26th July 2022 10am-12:30pm
23rd August 2022 10am-12:30pm
27th September 2022 10am-12:30pm
25th October 2022 10am-12:30pm
29th November 2022 10am-12:30pm
6th December 2022 10am-12:30pm

Contact Ian Wiseman to book your place.

Weighting Methodologies Webinar

This two hour webinar will help you understand the difference between different criteria weighting methodologies and enable you to choose the most suitable approach for their tender evaluation strategy. Delegates will be able to choose and manage a methodical approach that will save time and help them manage stakeholder engagement.

The next sessions will be taking place on:

22nd February 2022 10am-12pm
3rd May 2022 10am-12pm
2nd August 2022 10am-12pm
2nd November 2022 10am-12pm

Contact Ian Wiseman to book your place.

Successfully and securely managing SECRET procurements

With expert advice and practical examples, this 2 hour session will cover:

  • Introduction and context to AWARD® and SECRET procurements
  • Common challenges and risks of managing a SECRET procurement and how to overcome these
  • Best practice approaches to effectively and securely running your procurement
  • Case study examples from our first-hand experience
  • How AWARD® can help your next SECRET procurement

Places are limited and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If the session is full you can still register and be added to a waiting list.

The next sessions will be taking place on:

27th January 2022 10am-12pm
3rd May 2022 2-3:30pm
2nd August 2022 2-3:30pm
2nd November 2022 2-3:30pm

Contact Ian Wiseman to book your place.

Find out more

We also run a range of bespoke MOD training courses, designed to answer any questions you may have about the AWARD® suite, our thought-leadership and procurement support.

For more information about the training we offer or to book your place, please contact Ian Wiseman, MOD Account Manager.

You can also book your place via Esolutions here.