Weighting Workshop

The Weighting Workshop tool provides project teams with the ability to develop robust weightings against their criteria set. It enables thorough testing and sensitivity analysis to be carried out, ensuring that the desired, best value for money outcome is achieved from the competition.

Buyers who are procuring goods or services in the current climate face an ever increasing challenge to ensure that the purchase decision not only provides value for money, but just as critically, that the process itself is defendable and transparent.

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Earn 6 CPD Hours

Course Overview

  • Empower Procurement or Commercial Officers to leverage their criteria and set up their evaluation to get the best possible outcome
  • Provide best practice techniques and tools to create defendable weights
  • Enable a robust decision-making process that can be applied seamlessly in the evaluation of the degree to which each prospective solution provides value for money
  • Give internal stakeholders the confidence that their requirements are being fairly considered and taken into account when choosing a solution

Duration: 1 day

This one day course can be run online or face to face. It provides an introduction to the AWARD® criteria weighting factors and is designed to help you set up and facilitate your own Weighing Workshops. Plus, you can earn six CPD hours.

Why attend?

This course examines the different weighing methods and their strengths and weaknesses. It’s designed to give you the skills needed to use the AWARD® weighting criteria to facilitate your own Weighting Workshops in AWARD®. It provides project teams with best practice techniques and tools to create defendable weights.

Who should attend?

  • Procurement officers
  • Commercial officers
  • Internal stakeholders

Course objectives

  • Understand why weighting is so critical to getting the right procurement outcome
  • Understand the psychological influences on the practice to avoid or limit
  • Understand various weighting options
  • Understand when each or combinations might be more appropriate to use
  • Understand the weighting process steps in procurement


This workshop is available online or face to face. There is no strict limit on attendees, but we recommend no more than 10.

Attendee feedback

100% of attendees would recommend the training to a colleague.

It was very helpful for my career’

‘Both trainers are very proactive and we’re already thinking of ways to improve the weighting tool’

‘I was fully engaged and really enjoyed the activities. Jim was a really good trainer.’

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