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AWARD® Conducting Successful Evaluations

The tender assessment phase is critical to the success of any procurement.

Your team has worked hard to produce the tender documents, the bidders have worked all hours to produce their responses, the submission deadline and assessment phase are imminent.

How your evaluators and moderators conduct the assessment phase will make the difference between a successful or unfavourable outcome – it’s time to prepare the assessment team.

The Conducting Successful Evaluations course is designed to provide excellent, useable, practical advice to assessors preparing to evaluate tenders.

With content drawn from over 15 years of experience supporting tender assessments globally, this course offers best practice guidance and advice to support a successful evaluation.

The course can be tailored on a project-by-project basis or delivered across an organisation.

Duration: Half day

Location: This one day course can be run either online or face to face.  

Why attend? 

How do you ensure your evaluation avoids bias and mitigates the risk of a successful challenge? This course provides the support you’ll need to help you become an efficient and effective evaluator. You’ll learn how to ensure your evaluation correctly identifies your winning bid, saving you time, unnecessary administration and worry. You’ll develop the skills to expertly evaluate your next complex procurement project, write strong and consistent rationale and confidently select your winning bid. 

Course overview

Led by one of our expert consultants, this course provides best practice guidance and advice to support a successful evaluation. The session provides a highly-focused bespoke half-day briefing which can be tailored to your specific project requirements. Completion of this course will enable you to clearly understand the importance of an effective evaluation and your role in it. 

Who should attend? 

This course is suitable for anyone in an Evaluator role who wants to learn how to expertly evaluate their next procurement project – whatever your level of experience. We suggest a maximum of 20 to attend on the day – an ideal chance to bring your whole evaluation team. 

Key topics 

  • Defining the objectives of your evaluation
  • How to write strong and consistent rationale – the do’s and don’ts
  • Creating your evaluation sign-off checklist 
  • Where to focus your evaluation
  • Protecting your evaluation from scrutiny
  • Answering evaluation requests in AWARD® 


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Bespoke Training for the UK MOD

Working for the UK MOD? We run a range of bespoke training options for you, which includes a version of this course. Find out more here.

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