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Working remotely with the Commerce Decisions team

Whilst working remotely is familiar to many of our team, for others it is a new and somewhat isolating experience, especially during the current disruptions and new challenges we’re experiencing.

Our global team based in offices in the UK, Ottawa and Canberra all recognise we need to work differently, whatever our roles and wherever we’re based, to establish a ‘new normal’. We know this will take some getting used to but by working flexibly and communicating regularly using all the digital tools at our disposal, we’re already seeing that we can continue to be productive and make great progress.

Below we’ve collated some of our global team’s top tips on remote working.

“It’s struck me how different it is to be told to work from home as opposed to having the choice to do so. Stay in touch with one another. Keep talking!” Alan Elsey, Operations Manager – Compliance and Governance (UK)

“Stay connected with colleagues, for example via video chat function in teams.  Working from home can be isolating so it’s great to connect and see how they’re doing.”  Jacqueline Gibb, Administrator (Australia)

“Incorporate kids and life into your schedule – set boundaries, but keep a sense of humour about it all.“ Drew Schlosser, Senior Procurement Consultant (Canada)

“Switch up your work hours – especially since most of us are telecommuting – an early morning sunrise walk, or a 7am-3pm ‘day’ with plenty of time left over for an early afternoon walk.” Kimm Krueger, VP Sales & Business Development (Canada)

“Keep photos or art in view, it’s important to be able to reset your brain at times during the day as there will be moments where you’ll need to call upon yourself to refocus.” Richard Malin, Account Director (UK)

“Avoid feeling you should be online all the time or you may find yourself sitting at your home office desk from 8am to 8pm. This is not only bad for your health but also totally unsustainable in the long run.” James Pettitt, European Sales Director (UK)

“If you don’t have an office or designated workspace, find a spot in your home that is comfortable and brings you peace, free from TV screens and other distractions. Focus on finding somewhere with plenty of natural light if you can.” Evan Hammond, Senior Business Development Executive (Canada)

“Only allow (non-work-related) distractions when you need a distraction – be disciplined otherwise and if you’re struggling with focus then set yourself manageable targets before you allow the next distraction.” Stephen Casey, Principal Consultant (UK)

We’ve all found that patience and flexibility are essential attributes during these unfamiliar times. These qualities are also proving very useful in helping our customers, most of whom are experiencing their own varied challenges. To do this we’re continually looking at how we can provide new and imaginative ways of supporting them.

Whilst some of our team adjust to working from home for the first time, our AWARD® solution has been supporting efficient home working for many years. AWARD® provides a number of benefits so your teams can:

  • securely access and share project documents in real-time
  • evaluate supplier responses from any location, saving you time and money 
  • prioritise workloads and work efficiently to ensure critical deadlines are met
  • maintain clear communication with a robust audit trail, to protect you from challenges

Wherever you and your colleagues are based, AWARD® and our expert services are here to help ensure best possible procurement outcomes.

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