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As a bidder, you face a diverse range of challenges when preparing to win your next bid, from understanding what the buyer is looking to achieve, to identifying any risks early enough to avoid them.

With buyers seeking a high value, quality solution at a very competitive price, the ability to adjust key elements of the bid and price positioning can be the secret to a bid’s ultimate success. 

That’s how our ADVANCE™ solution can help. With over 15 years’ experience of supporting and shaping UK MOD and public sector procurements, we’re uniquely placed to provide advice and guidance on your next bid. We know first-hand what buyers are looking for, and use this to increase bid scores by up to 7%. 

We do this through a consultancy-led solution comprising training and expert consultancy support.


Our experts support your bid preparation, assist with the software, and share the very latest in thought leadership. Get ahead with an in-depth understanding of how to win.


Take advantage of our range of training sessions, designed to empower bid teams with the confidence and expertise to prepare the best possible bid submission.

Our experience in supporting over $500 billion complex procurement has resulted in demand for support on over 400 clients bids including projects from many of the top 50 global defence organisations. ADVANCE™ brings clarity and cohesion to an intrinsically complicated process, giving you more time to concentrate on the quality of your bid and help you establish a winning position.

Client Feedback

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    Commerce Decisions’ involvement was crucial in aiding Imtech Marine’s fuller understanding of the PQQ questions and the level of evidence and robustness required in their responses. This enabled us to achieve scores that properly reflected the Company’s true capability.

    Anthony Jones, Head of Sales for Imtech
    Marine UK Ltd
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    Working with Commerce Decisions definitely improved the quality of our
    bid and helped us to win this important contract.

    Andy Toms, Sales and Marketing Director, J+S Ltd
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    Support from Commerce Decisions was so helpful—not only with their detailed knowledge of AWARD®, but also with lessons learned in relation to the vagaries of MS Office. I have no hesitation in suggesting to other AWARD® bidders that they engage early with Commerce Decisions if they want a highly competent independent bid review that will maximise their chances of winning.

    Robert Eggar, FFBS Programme Manager, SSVC
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    Commerce Decisions and the AWARD® software exceeded any expectations I had, and they delivered a first class service. Their work was invaluable.

    Kristin Davidson, NEC Group

Find out how to increase your bid score by up to 7% and win more bids