Making the right decision when awarding a significant contract is crucial to any government procurement project – it ensures delivery of the best possible solution as well as value for money on public spending.

But when the wrong decision is made, you risk legal challenges, hefty costs and major delays to your project delivery – risking the entire outcome of your government project.

But reaching the right decision isn’t always easy. You’ll face challenges such as managing multiple stakeholders and their conflicting priorities, demonstrating value for money, and addressing social value, sustainability and ethical factors. All within tight budgets and timelines and with increasing pressure to show a robust, transparent decision-making process.

That’s where we come in – our AWARD® solution is trusted by government departments across the globe to ensure decision making is more robust, transparent and clear-cut, and project outcomes better.

The AWARD® solution includes expert thought-leadership, best practice advice; all underpinned by the AWARD® software. Services include:

  • Structured Criteria Development: Our bespoke methodology is specifically designed to ensure you know exactly what you’re buying, and how to communicate that with suppliers.
  • Real Value for Money: Our pioneering methodology that really helps you determine value for money, so you can confidently select the very best supplier.
  • Weighting Workshops: Enabling you to apply a meaningful set of weights across the project’s criteria set, so you can achieve the desired, best value for money outcome in a transparent and considered way.

Client Feedback

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    The level of customer support and appreciation of the context in which the system is used along with relevant procurement related knowledge has also been both excellent and helpful.

    Kevin O’Neill
    Principal Officer, Contracts
    and Quality Commissioning Team, Bolton Council
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    Using AWARD® in addition to our esourcing tool gave us a greater range of functionality in terms of document management, ease of evaluation process and the creation of progress reports and supplier de-briefing material.

    Troy Martin,
    Commercial Manager Home Office General Property
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    We would not have been able to involve our clinical staff so successfully in this process without the use of the AWARD® tool.

    Mark Roberts, Chief Clinical Information
    Officer, NHS Southern Health
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    Using AWARD® makes the procurement process more efficient, and gives us hard evidence to justify our decisions.

    Procurement Manager
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    AWARD® has helped us immensely with our procurement process, allowing us to share large amounts of competitive dialogue documents between the bidders and the project team.

    Darshan Chatha
    Programme Manager, Hull City Council
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    We found AWARD® to be helpful in making the evaluation process as simple and effective as possible.

    Matthew Fearnhead
    Project Co- Ordinator, Mersey Gateway Project Team

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