The AWARD® Plan solution encompasses the Dataroom, Interaction and Market Engagement modules to offer the most secure and efficient platform for your project. Our Procurement Evaluation Design Team are also on hand to impart knowledge and guide you through as needed.

AWARD® Plan has been developed specifically to meet the early needs of strategic procurements including how to securely manage high volumes of data, as well as running effective Market Engagement.

The software provides a secure environment allowing you to safely store and share project documentation in real-time with users. And with optional added support from our Procurement Evaluation Design Team, you can also ensure you correctly engage with the marketplace to get the information you need to succeed.

In terms of data management, AWARD® Plan gives you the ability to control the access levels of your project team, supply chain or external stakeholders and enables you to efficiently and securely manage the multiple communications that take place throughout your project/procurement.

From start to finish, AWARD® Plan provides a clear and transparent audit trail, providing you with a record of all actions taken and a robust defence in the event of challenge.

How can I use AWARD® Plan?
AWARD® Plan can be integrated with the full AWARD® suite or be used standalone as a highly secure Dataroom to support internal/external communication and engagement for project teams.

Why AWARD Plan®?

  • Secure, resilient cloud data environment
  • Document and workflow management
  • Robust user access and management
  • Clear, efficient, auditable communication
  • Full reporting capabilities, including audit
  • Embedded with best practice knowledge
  • Supported by our expert Evaluation Design Team
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Protect your data with AWARD® Plan

  • High resiliency and secure storage of data
  • Document status and access control to ensure sensitive data is not compromised
  • Controlled and secure communication flows to both internal and external users
  • Control of user access – internal and external user permissions management
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AWARD® Plan provides secure and efficient access control

  • Secure access online – anywhere, anytime
  • User management control
  • Manage access to folders and documents
  • Auditing of user access through reports
  • Built-in user acknowledgement acceptance
  • Access to industry specialists for expert guidance
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AWARD® Plan includes the following modules:

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Market Engagement
Software: gain full control over access and rights to the Dataroom, folders and data for bidders, suppliers and external users.

Procurement Evaluation Design services: save time, build relationships and ensure you don’t ask the wrong questions with support from the Market Engagement specialists.


  • Secure, resilient cloud data environment
  • Permits Suppliers/Bidders to set up their own account and register to submit a bid or view documents in a specified project
  • Suppliers can only register for the one specific project
  • Make your job easier with Market Engagement support from the experts
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The AWARD® Dataroom provides users with a controlled and secure environment for the storage of your data, enabling resilient sharing of information and ensuring that the integrity of data is at the heart of your strategic sourcing projects.

Document Management

  • Defined folder structures
  • Bulk upload and download for efficiency
  • Quick filtered views for greater clarity
  • Document workflow tools
  • Controlled document access capability
  • Track and audit document access
  • Document tagging and searching
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Interaction provides complex projects with a secure, controlled and streamlined mechanism for gathering and publishing information, both internally and to Suppliers or Bidders. It provides users with the tools for consistent, efficient and auditable communication. Share data, edit documents and manage clarifications from the start, with the ability to safely access tender documents and submit bid responses directly into AWARD®.


  • Clarification capability for bidders/suppliers
  • Broadcast notices and document changes
  • Consistent, auditable, transparent communications
  • Timely secure communication to deliver key information

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