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With a combined 150+ years of experience, our team of expert consultants know complex procurement inside out.

They continue to shape strategic procurement management and have a significant impact on some of the world’s largest projects. Through the team, we bring new and enhanced methods to the industry, including the pioneering Real Value for Money (RVfM) and Structured Criteria Development (SCD) methodologies.  

We deliver a range of expert services that work alongside our AWARD® software and training to deliver a holistic solution, embedded with best practice and first-hand experience. Each module:

  • Reflects the very latest in thought leadership
  • Is designed to impart knowledge to upskill teams
  • Helps you deliver better procurement outcomes

Whether you’re looking for support with our software, hands-on expert guidance for your project, or best practice tips and insight, our expert AWARD® services are here to deliver. Take a look at your options below.

Procurement strategy
We’ve been supporting complex procurements of all shapes and sizes since 2001 – we know what works and what doesn’t. Our team are here to help you prepare a detailed plan for sign off and approval by senior management.

Market engagement
Productive and effective market engagement increases the chance of a successful competition. That’s why our expert services team are on hand to help you with the planning, preparation, execution and analysis of market engagement activities. We’ll ensure you reach more suppliers more efficiently, ask better questions to get better answers, and translate analysis into better strategic programme and project choices.

Stakeholder analysis
Including the right people in your decision-making can have a critical effect on the delivery of a successful outcome. We’ll help you engage the right people in a collaborative and transparent manner from the outset, ensuring all input is captured in a robust, auditable process.

Requirements development
For any procurement project, it’s important to establish an agreed a set of requirements. Our team can help with the evidence-based analysis and workshopping, documentation and recording of the requirements set – all within the AWARD® SCD module. The history and record of the final published requirements are held within the same module, so you can use them as the foundation for developing the criteria.

Structured Criteria Development (SCD)
SCD is our own methodology, tried and tested over the past 15 years on over $500 billion of procurement. We use SCD to facilitate the creation of robust, fit for purpose, defensible award criteria for use on procurement projects of any size or complexity. We help you to create your evaluation criteria using a series of workshops, ensuring you consider ALL the pertinent aspects of a project rather than focusing solely on the detailed requirements. We can put together the PQQ and/or ITT Instructions and support Industry Briefings.
For more details on our support with weighting and value for money approaches, please see relevant sections below.

For more information about AWARD® SCD Requirements, click here.

Having a robust and meaningful weights across your project’s criteria set will give you the confidence that your decision-making process isn’t being exposed to any unnecessary risks. Using workshops and facilitation techniques, our team will work with all internal stakeholders to facilitate the generation of weights, capturing them in AWARD® and providing evidence of the process applied. We can then carry out sensitivity analysis and scenario testing of the weightings and their impact.

Find out more about the Weighting module here.

Our team can help you to develop detailed cost estimates, ensuring that risk and uncertainty are reflected in project costs. We will work with you to understand the potential impact of risks to your project to ensure that decisions are supported by a full and transparent evidence base.

It is important that your project team understands the various methods for getting value from your marketplace and evaluating Value For Money (VFM). We’ll lead you through the commonly used methods – typically Cheapest Compliant, Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) and our own Real Value for Money (RVfM) (also known as Willingness to Pay) – and show you how different approaches can result in unwanted and unforeseen outcomes.

RVfM is a methodology developed by our services team, borne out of over 15 years’ experience in evaluation. It is a robust and efficient method that enables you to define and agree what you mean by value for money. It is a transparent mechanism for ranking each and every bid in way that does not change, irrespective of other bidders’ submissions or external factors. Our RVfM method also gives bidders the ability to deliver the best value for money solution possible, ensuring the best possible outcome for your project.

Find out more here.

We’re on hand to make sure that you have AWARD® configured to deliver you the maximum benefit; taking the burden of compliance, workflow, moderation, clarification and real-time reporting from you, whilst automating and accelerating the evaluation process. We can set up templates for commonly followed processes, conduct peer reviews of your configuration or take on this activity on your behalf. We can work with you in whichever way best suits you, your team and your organisation.

Evaluator briefings
Our evaluator briefings are designed to ensure your evaluators know how to login and evaluate their questions in AWARD®; it includes best practice advice to help them understand the importance of writing strong and consistent rationale. Effective evaluation is crucial to ensuring that you can confidently select your winning bid as well as protecting you against successful challenges.

QA of evaluation
We offer an assurance service to establish quality management processes. We can also audit the evaluation activities and rationale statements ensuring that a thorough evaluation has been carried out, one that will withstand scrutiny and audit.

Real-time reporting on any mix of data at any point in the process
The data in AWARD® can be sliced and diced in any way required. Report templates are set up ‘out of the box’ with the most commonly required reports (for example; debrief or progress reports), and our team can help set up any bespoke reports that may be required, or show you how to use the Report Wizard function. We can also help you to personalise reports with your logos, company letterheads etc.

Results analysis
If needed, we’re on hand to help you run AWARD® reports and interpret the results.

Where required, our team can help with conducting assured bidder debriefings, making sure that there is appropriate justification and traceability to the bid documents and assuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Effective debriefs are crucial in illustrating a robust, fair and transparent evaluation and in minimising the chance of a challenge.

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