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Our AWARD® software has been specially designed to support complex, high risk strategic procurement projects.

Complemented by our services and training, the AWARD® software provides a unique solution to overcome the challenges you’ll face in your role on a complex procurement. 

Trusted by organisations across the globe such as the UK MOD, Infrastructure Ontario, NHS, Rail Projects Victoria and Canadian DND, the AWARD® software:

  • Provides a transparent audit trail to help protect your decision from scrutiny
  • Ensures your evaluation process is robust, considered and effective 
  • Provides secure dataroom functionality for efficient document management 
  • Is regularly updated with new functionality and features to reflect changing user needs and changes in procurement regulations
  • Allows easy management of dispersed and remote users, saving travel time and costs
  • Is proven to shorten time to contract, improve value for money, and reduce risks – so that you can deliver the best possible outcome 

Available as a secure Software as a Service, AWARD® is quick and easy to implement, and can readily support any current processes or procedures you’d like to follow.

As an AWARD® user you’re fully supported by the Commerce Decisions team, with a dedicated help desk, bank of expert consultants, and a range of training courses to keep you to speed with best practice user tips.

The AWARD® suite includes a range of flexible modules to create the perfect solution for you. Take a look below at the modules available.

Take control and streamline the management of project documents and communications, with AWARD® Dataroom.


Key features include:

  • A secure, resilient cloud data environment for peace of mind
  • Efficient document and workflow management, taking away the headache of managing multiple communications
  • Robust access management to keep you in control of your users
  • Clear, efficient, and auditable communication to protect you from challenges
  • An intuitive user interface for ease of use

Find out more about the AWARD® Dataroom here

Evaluation has a huge part to play in the successful delivery of the best possible outcome on your project. Confidence that your evaluation process will guide you to the successful award of your contract is critical.


Our core module, AWARD® evaluation, offers a unique focus and depth of functionality for this pivotal stage of your procurement allowing you to:

  • Conduct robust, transparent evaluations
  • Work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders
  • Control workflow and focus resource
  • Control and mitigate risk
  • Reduce time to contract
  • Utilise real-time reporting for valuable insight
  • Deliver effective bidder debriefs to protect you from challenges

Gathering information from bidders and presenting it to evaluators can be unnecessarily time consuming and complex. With AWARD® Interaction, bidders can provide tender responses and upload bid documentation directly into AWARD®.


Created out of a need to streamline this process, AWARD® Interaction provides:

  • Secure document transfer and data storage
  • Clarification management, control and audit
  • Bid upload capability, including offline submission function for time saving efficiencies
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • A sealed answer book to ensure bids are not accessed prior to tender deadlines

Good early engagement with potential suppliers routinely leads to better competition outcomes. By developing an accurate understanding of your marketplace, you allow for better decisions to be made.


So, where do you begin? Our AWARD® Market Engagement module is here to help you plan for success by supporting:

  • Information landscape, document research and review
  • Information sharing and communications
  • Market information management
  • Options report writing

This module will ensure your project is primed for success, right from the offset

Supported by our expert services, the AWARD® RVfM module has been specifically designed to support our pioneering methodology for determining value for money.


Through our RVfM module you can:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of commonly used methodologies
  • Define value for money and undertake sensitivity analysis
  • Ensure a robust ranking for each bid
  • Utilise a transparent scoring mechanism
  • Allow bidders to optimise their bid in order to deliver the best value for money solution possible
  • Ensure value for money is achieved

Find out about the AWARD® RVfM module here.

As pressure on delivering successful outcomes continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing need to develop a robust set of criteria against which to procure your solution…


But we’ve got you covered – with the AWARD® SCD module you’re armed with a comprehensive set of tools and processes to:

  • Create robust, fit for purpose and defensible contract award criteria
  • Ensure stakeholders are consistently directed to a single version of the truth
  • Deliver a consensus view of requirement variables
  • Record engagement with geographically displaced stakeholders
  • Remove undue influence from independent thought

The Requirements Management functionality forms part of the AWARD® SCD module. It provides a collaborative environment for the development of requirements during the early phases of a project or programme, well before the consideration and development of the evaluation criteria.

Find out more about the SCD methodology here.

Empowering you with the confidence that your decision-making process can be defended if necessary, and that your chosen solution neatly aligns to the requirements of your stakeholders – this is where our Weighting Workshop comes into play.


Included as part of the RVfM module, or as a standalone, this tool:

  • Enables you to apply a meaningful set of weights across the project’s criteria set
  • Takes you through thorough testing and sensitivity analysis to help achieve success
  • Gives internal stakeholders the confidence that their requirements are being fairly considered and taken into account when choosing a solution
  • Provides a robust process to ensure your chosen supplier meets team requirements

Find out more about the Weighting Workshop tool here.

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