Complex procurements: one size doesn’t fit all

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Approaching a complex project can be very daunting. They involve multiple stakeholders, often from a wide range of organisations, departments and disciplines and can also be incredibly risky and expensive. Typically, these projects eat up more than 50% of an organisation’s annual operational spend and account for 90% of the organisation’s risk in a given year.

There are so many considerations to bear in mind – navigating your way through the pitfalls and challenges isn’t easy and making the correct procurement decision is critical. By its very nature, that final decision will have a big impact.

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Whether it’s procuring military equipment or building a new hospital – our clients need flexibility and scalability in the support we provide

During our 20+ years in the industry, we’ve supported a wide range of projects for a variety of global clients across a mix of sectors – from healthcare, to central/federal government, defence and infrastructure. Whilst the challenges faced can be similar – whether it’s procuring military equipment or building a new hospital – we recognise that our clients need flexibility and scalability in the support we provide. It’s one of the many lessons our vast experience of strategic procurements has taught us. And so, when it comes to packaging up our AWARD® software and services, one size doesn’t fit all. 

We have analysed our global client base over the years and understand how different clients engage with our software and services in different ways. Each project, programme and organisation has varying requirements for AWARD® functionality and for our support, whether it’s delivered by a Technical Analyst or one of our expert consultants. With a consolidated range of skills and experience, our team is perfectly placed to provide a flexible and agile service to support your needs, underpinned by a scaled AWARD® package that works for your team.

That’s why we’re excited to have launched our AWARD® packages: Pro, Plus and Premium. Each package offers access to different capabilities with varying levels of support and training. Our packages are designed to suit your requirements whatever they might be – a single project deployment or ongoing use across your organisation; standalone or integrated alongside your eSourcing system.

Our packages are designed to suit your requirements whatever they might be

The packages are designed to support procurement teams – from those who want to ‘self-serve’ with our evaluation capability, or those who would like to take advantage of our expert modules, right through to projects that need the support of our fully managed service, with access to our methodologies and thought-leadership.

So what does this all mean? Well, it is now easier to engage with us than ever – we’ll ensure that your onboarding is smooth and you’re quickly on your way to delivering the best possible outcome on your next strategic procurement. Whether you want to do everything yourself, or need our support to guide you through, we have a packaged solution to meet your requirements.

We are regarded as the world leaders when it comes to complex evaluation. These packages, alongside our updated Masterclass training series, are aimed at making it easier to access our solutions and the expertise of the Commerce Decisions team – all whilst delivering better outcomes for all.

Below you’ll find details of each package, but to find out which would best suit you, or to just have a chat about our latest training offerings get in touch with the team here.


Pro, Plus, Premium – what’s included?


Our baseline, entry-level solution, comprising our proven evaluation capability. With AWARD® Pro you’ll have access to our core capability:

Evaluation: offering a unique focus and depth of functionality to this pivotal stage of your procurement, so you can conduct robust and transparent evaluations. Reduce time to contract, control, mitigate risk and work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders. Real-time reporting for valuable insight into your project – from debriefing to project progress.

Typical use: by an organisation that may have an eSourcing suite in place or a smaller project team that needs a point solution for evaluation on a self-service basis with training and onboarding support.

Benefits: efficiency, accountability, audit. Augments and complements existing eSourcing tools to support the more complex projects. Quick to establish, set up and onboard.


With AWARD® Plus you’ll get the core evaluation capability available with Pro, but with the addition of one or more of our packaged modules. These packages deliver more capability, such as:

  • Expert capabilities:
    • Plan
      • Dataroom: securely share files with all external parties at every stage of the procurement process via a secure, resilient cloud data environment. Access a full record of communication and document transfer details and easily track and log all types of activity – ensure all your records are fully tracked and traceable.
      • Interaction: enabling the secure exchange of information between buyers and suppliers. Share data, edit documents and manage clarifications from the start, with the ability to safely access tender documents and submit bid responses directly into AWARD®.
    • Prepare
      • Weighting: create and apply robust and meaningful weights across your project’s criteria. Gain confidence that your decision-making process isn’t being exposed to any unnecessary risks.
      • Criteria development: we help you to create your evaluation criteria using a series of workshops, ensuring you consider ALL the pertinent aspects of a project rather than focusing solely on the detailed requirements.
      • Real Value for Money: utilise our pioneering technique to deliver Real Value for Money and avoid the pitfalls of the commonly used methods.
    • Execute Plus
      • Bespoke reporting and AWARD® Insights: easily access, visualise and interrogate data held in your AWARD® account. Gain a better understanding of your AWARD® activity to help you make efficiencies to drive project success and performance.
      • Access to ExpertAssist and LMS solutions for ongoing learning: benefit from our expert training and Accreditation, designed to give your team a full understanding of AWARD’s powerful capabilities and the confidence to manage future projects. Access expert guidance from our enhanced ExpertAssist Helpdesk service, on hand to provide the support you need to help you deliver project excellence in AWARD®,   whatever the size of your project or your team’s level of knowledge and experience.     

Typical use: for organisations moving from a tactical to a strategic approach, seeking to improve the value delivered as a function. Or for projects/programmes wishing to access more capability but to be self-sufficient.

Benefits: deliver best value for money, structure your criteria to deliver the solution you need, embed best practice processes, design the delivery of the best possible outcome from the outset.

AWARD® Premium

Here you’ll get everything on offer with Plus, but with the added benefits of our expert consultancy support.  We’ll be there to support when needed throughout the procurement process, from the critical planning stages right through to contract award. We’ll be with you every step of the way, offering best practice advice and thought leadership to ensure you get the best possible outcome on your project.

Typical use: projects or programmes with high levels of scrutiny, high spend and/or are politically sensitive.

Benefits: this package offers you a fully managed service tapping into our thought-leadership and expertise. Premium gives you the assurance of an expert on hand to guide, facilitate and enable you to deliver best possible outcomes. We become an extended part of the team, offering advice and guidance on all things best practice evaluation.

You can find out more on the packages in our datasheet here, or get in touch below with any questions.