AWARD® Accreditation

We’re committed to helping you cultivate your skills and knowledge, supporting you to realise your full potential and get the recognition you deserve.

That’s why we developed the AWARD® Accreditation scheme. Designed to recognise the level of expertise you’ve reached in our AWARD® training, the badges help you to build a complete picture of your learning and achievements.

Our three digital badges: Foundation, Intermediate and Expert can be used online to promote the level of accreditation you’ve reached with your contacts and wider network.

AWARD® Foundation

The first part of the course is delivered by an AWARD® expert who will start with the basics such as setting up users. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to create, manage and effectively run projects using AWARD®, seamlessly mapping into your own organisation’s best practice.

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Foundation badge

AWARD® Intermediate

Once you’ve achieved the AWARD® Foundation accreditation, you can complete the Intermediate Level 2 training. This is suitable for more experienced users who have built a number of projects in AWARD®.

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Intermediate badge

AWARD® Expert

This highest level of accreditation is available for AWARD® users who have completed levels 1 and 2.

Once you’ve started applying the knowledge you’ve gained, we’ll conduct a remote peer review session of 2 procurement projects you’ve completed over a time period. This will help us  to understand which AWARD® topics you may need further support on.

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Expert badge

Sharing your success

We’ll issue your digital badge once you’ve successfully completed each level of your training.

Simply download your badge and you can start sharing it straight away via an email signature, website, social media platform or a digital CV. Our digital badges are secure, verifiable and fully compliant with the latest open badges standard platform.

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For more information about our AWARD® accreditation courses which can be run online or face to face, or to book your place, please contact us.

Attendee feedback

‘A massive thank you to all the trainers for your infinite patience and the wider experience and examples that you brought to the training to help understanding.’

‘Just want to thank Joe and Guy for their patience, really good course!’

‘I have really enjoyed this course. The pace was perfect for me, with plenty of screen breaks and opportunities for asking questions.’

100% of attendees would recommend the training to a colleague

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