Expanding our partner network for better procurement outcomes

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Working collaboratively with our selected network of partners allows us to broaden the solutions we can jointly bring our customers, both technically and geographically. Since our first partnership was established over 15 years ago, we continue to grow and develop our network.

Here are the four key reasons why we partner:

1. To enhance our offering with complementary solutions

One thing we have in common with all of our partners is a shared passion to drive procurement excellence through market-leading solutions. By joining forces, we create an enhanced offering for our clients, helping us further our mission to deliver best possible outcomes on complex procurements. From streamlining and controlling purchasing and spend, to embedding social value and measuring the wider socio-economic impacts, our combined range of solutions is aimed at supporting our mutual clients at every stage of the procurement process.

2. Because we’re dedicated to supporting strategic procurements

Delivering complex procurements successfully isn’t without its challenges – these projects typically account for 50% of an organisation’s annual spend, and 90% of the risk. When you’re faced with the responsibility of allocating such a large amount of public money, the pressure is on. Awarding the contract to the right supplier, whilst alleviating risk, achieving value for money and providing a transparent audit trail, is no easy task. But it’s why we’re dedicated to supporting these projects. We’re here to deliver best possible outcomes for our clients and help them to navigate those common pitfalls. And sometimes, we can do this even better by joining forces with a like-minded partner.

3. To drive innovation

With our partners, we have a shared goal to embrace new technology. We’re continuously developing and improving our software to reflect the very latest industry changes and best practice. In some areas we’re able to optimise the benefits of doing this more quickly by utilising pre-existing capabilities from our partner network. Through strategic partnering, we can drive positive change in procurement faster than ever before, enabling our customers to have access to the most innovative solutions on the market.

4. To enable intelligent bidding

As well as supporting public sector buyers, we also offer best practice guidance to bidders. With the ability to draw on additional expertise in this area from our partner network, we’re able to help your bidders to identify ways to add real value to their bids, including embedding social value and community benefit into the procurement process. This ensures you receive higher quality bids that better match your requirements, helping you achieve the best possible project outcomes. 

Interested in becoming a partner or want to find out more about the solutions we offer?

Building on the success of our existing partnerships, we are actively increasing our partner network to support our work as independent evaluation experts. We carefully select our partners, ensuring they are aligned with our core values and that they share our vision for delivering better outcomes. Take a look at our datasheet for more information about the benefits of partnering with Commerce Decisions and how we can support you to offer a complete evaluation solution, via the pink button below.  

New for 2021, we are pleased to announce AWARD® packages to support you as a Pro or Plus Partner, enabling you to easily build our solution, with all of its strategic procurement evaluation pedigree, into the proposal you present to your procurement customers.       

You can find out more about our network of partners and how we can support your next complex procurement here or get in touch at contact@commercedecisions.com.