Managing risk: plan ahead to avoid disappointment

With over 20 years’ experience supporting global procurement teams and witnessing first-hand the challenges that come with managing strategic complex procurements, planning your project up front remains our key message to project teams.  

We’ve seen the pitfalls of going straight into the evaluation stage without thinking carefully about what comes before. It’s the familiar cliché, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Our proven methodology has been specifically developed to allow for successful upfront planning – having a clear understanding of what success looks like from the start helps you test your assumptions and technical requirements to ensure your procurement objectives are achievable.  

But what are the other benefits of planning upfront? What should you be considering in the earlier stages?  

In our ‘4 Tips for Managing Risk with your Bidders’ guide, we partnered with Risk Decisions to offer our expert advice on addressing and mitigating risk. Tip number two in our guide talks you through the value of planning ahead to reduce risk with your bidders.  

Here, we discuss the importance of factoring in ways for risk to be discussed with your bidders, in order to adopt the appropriate procedures to mitigate against the risks your project might face.  

Access the full guide here to find out more about planning ahead and what else you can do to improve your next project’s outcome.