Masterclass Series

Investing in accredited procurement knowledge for you and your teams

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Our team knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Many of us were project managers before we joined Commerce Decisions, where we now work alongside multiple project teams to identify the best solutions for their procurements.

It would be great if there was one solution out there – one foolproof way of acquiring every product or service – but there isn’t. 

There are instead, a ton of best practices that procurement teams need to sift through to find the ones that best fit the type of acquisition, team stakeholders, or risk tolerances in front of them right now.

Of course, not everyone has either the means, or the time, to learn and sift through all those best practices.

One of the ways Commerce Decisions is trying to practically help teams and individuals with this daunting task is via our Evaluation Masterclasses.

The first of our five courses introduces the core aspects of complex procurement evaluation, and the next four delve deeper into the highest-risk elements of Procurement Design and Evaluation Conduct.

Over each of the courses’ two half-day sessions, we discuss and explore those global best practices so that you can understand not only how to use the information, but also when you will want to use the information.

Principles of Tender Evaluation
Summary of best practice and methodologies for making supplier selection decisions

Effective Criteria Writing
An introduction to the creation of robust, fit for purpose, defensible award criteria

Weighting Workshop
Examines the different weighting methods and their strengths and weaknesses

Value for Money
Looks at getting value from your marketplace and compares methods for calculating VfM

Conducting Successful Evaluations
Best practice guidance to ensure a successful evaluation that avoids bias and mitigates the risk of a successful challenge

If you manage procurement staff, or oversee training and professional development, this small investment in your team’s knowledge base is an extremely effective means of demonstrating your commitment to their life-long learning, as well as a way to ensure your small teams are as effective as possible.

The course material has been created using expertise acquired from supporting some of the largest, most complex projects globally. We then infused it with practical exercises to ensure students would complete the course/s with practical knowledge to take away, equipping them with the tools to enhance the outcomes all their future procurements.



The decision to transform our best practice knowledge into a Masterclass Series was a result of realising that they held valued lessons that our customers would be able to use as credit towards professional development and designation applications.

As well as the certificate (and knowledge), we also provide all recipients with a digital badge. When delegates have completed all five courses, they are further awarded with the Masterclass Series badge as recognition of their work towards meeting this professional development milestone.

Evaluation Masterclass Series Certified Badge

Here’s a “Taster” video explaining more about what you can expect from our CPD Accredited Principles of Tender Evaluation Training Course.

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Taster – Principles of Tender Evaluation

If you would like further details, or to find out how you or your teams can sign up to one or all courses we offer, please get in touch with us at