My new role with Commerce Decisions

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Having just returned from an inspirational annual Kick-Off event, it seems appropriate to reflect on my time here in my new role as Business Development Manager with Commerce Decisions.  The Kick-Off saw the whole company meet over two days to celebrate the successes of last year and to look forward to the challenges and opportunities that FY16 will bring.

It’s three months since I started here at Commerce Decisions, and the time has flown by. I’ve really enjoyed settling in and getting to know the sales team and the Company as a whole; and am eager to get my teeth into the new challenges that each day brings.

My knowledge of the procurement process is increasing rapidly, together with my understanding of the ways in which Commerce Decisions works with organisations to run effective evaluations supported by our proven AWARD® evaluation solution. I have a background in procurement, but before I joined Commerce Decisions my experience was primarily of the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) stage.  I have quickly learnt that the PQQ is only one phase of the procurement process!

My role at Commerce Decisions is fairly diverse and covers functions from business development to sales reporting and account management. Building on the knowledge I brought with me from my previous role and the understanding I have gained since starting at Commerce Decisions; I am keen to bring a clear and thorough understanding of the procurement process to our team and clients. It is clear to see that by focussing clearly on the evaluation element of the procurement process, Commerce Decisions has enjoyed outstanding success. The combination of the successful delivery of the market-leading AWARD®solution supported by expert thought-leadership has resulted in an enviable reputation and excellent, on-going relationships with clients.

Highlights so far

A highlight for me since joining has been the monthly ‘Breakfast Club’ meetings with the Business Development Executives. Fuelled by pastries and coffee, we have some excellent brain-storming sessions and have come up with new ideas for improving communication, working smarter together and streamlining our internal processes.

Since joining I’ve also enjoyed going out to meet some of our transport clients, including DfT and TfL.  Commerce Decisions has worked with TfL since 2006 and is currently supporting a number of projects including Jubilee and Northern Lines Additional Trains, Automated Train Control and London Overground Train Moderation. I am looking forward to working with these key clients in the new Financial Year and beyond.

Looking forward to the new financial year

I am really excited about the new release of AWARD®, version 6, and to seeing the benefits and value our current and future clients will receive from using it. As a Sales Team we have been working with the different departments at Commerce Decisions to understand the solution’s new capabilities, to explore new ways of communicating our unique position in the market place and to ensure a smooth transition for our existing clients.

Suffice to say, it’s been a busy three months, with something new to learn every day.  There is a lot going on; with the new product, new expert services offerings, and new and existing markets to explore and support. I am very much looking forward to the excitement and challenges of the coming year.