Q&A with Jaggaer’s Managing Director, Northern Europe

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Developing excellent working relationships with our network of partners allows us to considerably broaden the solutions we offer customers, both technically and geographically.

We’ve been partnered with Jaggaer for over 15 years, making it our longest standing partnership. In this time, we’ve successfully teamed up to support over 100 organisations. Jaggaer provide a reliable, consistent and proven procurement ecosystem across all tactical projects; with Commerce Decisions deploying AWARD® to provide best practice evaluation rigour on those more complex or strategic procurements.

In this blog we ask Managing Director/VP Northern Europe, Richard Hogg, for his thoughts on what makes our partnership so successful.

We’ve been partners for many years, why do you think this is such a long-standing relationship?

Our combined experience is in excess of 40 years, meaning we have an in-depth understanding of the procurement landscape and know the industry inside out. We’ve seen first-hand the diverse range of challenges that come with procurement projects of all sizes, as well the opportunities they bring.

Our solid cultural alignment, together with our shared passion to drive procurement excellence, has enabled us to seamlessly collaborate on a wide range of projects for many clients. These include Welsh Government, Transport for London and Crossrail, one of the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Europe.

How would you describe our combined capabilities?

We align our capabilities to provide our clients with robust end-to-end solutions for often very complex projects. The integration of our respective evaluation and eSourcing solutions means we’re able to jointly support a diverse range of requirements, with a truly complementary offering. Commerce Decisions’ AWARD® solution is specifically designed to support the in-depth evaluation on the more complex, high-risk projects whilst Jaggaer’s eSourcing capability supports an organisation’s day-to-day procurement.

What would you say makes the ideal customer candidate for our combined capabilities?

Together we’ve supported many public sector procurements which are highly regulated. And increasingly our clients in this sector are looking to achieve more for less, particularly in the current climate. With these high-spend categories comes an increased level of scrutiny from both public interest and government oversight which can really stress-test the evaluation process. I think it’s more important than ever that we’re able to provide robust, clear and transparent processes to help protect clients against legal challenge. Commerce Decisions’ AWARD® evaluation solution works in unison with our eSourcing tools to manage the most complex, high risk procurements.

Interestingly it’s not just the public sector, but also commercial sector spend where we’ve enabled clients to demonstrate that procurements are evaluated in a fair and open way. This transparency is something that’s becoming increasingly important, particularly in the construction and asset management industries.  

We also support a range of clients who understand the need for, or are open to looking at, a better way to achieve the best possible outcome on their projects. In many cases, they’ve had experience of procurements that haven’t gone so well or have a desire to drive increased value.

How do you see our partnership bringing about positive change in procurement in the coming years?

We both share the goal and vision for supporting the transformation of procurement as a discipline and to be a driver for change, maturity and innovation.

We’re already seeing a rapid increase in the number of online solutions to measure the wider economic, social and environmental benefits of procurements at local, regional and national level. The use of these tools is a huge step forward in helping to understand the contribution procurement projects are making to society.

I believe procurement will have an increasingly strategic role to play. A shift away from the operational and transactional can only be achieved by embracing new technology. And the value-adding activities will not only contribute to bottom-line cost savings but more importantly, will be responsible for continuing to drive innovation in the years ahead.

Finally, which three words would you like to leave us with that sum up the partnership?

Trusted. Proven. Experienced.

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Many thanks to Richard Hogg for his insightful thoughts. If you would like to find out more about how we work with our network of partners to support the range of procurement solutions we offer, please get in touch below.