5 steps to better bidding

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic delaying competitions by an average of up to three months, you have the opportunity (albeit a reluctant one) to stop and reflect on your overarching bidding processes.

The average difference between a winning and losing bid sits at just 1%: a small change to your approach can have a big impact on each of your bidding outcomes.

Bidders who are still using traditional methods are now finding it increasingly difficult to predict and forecast bid outcomes, a factor that is ultimately impacting their overall bottom line.

We’re seeing a real need to step away from traditional approaches and take advantage of the latest best practice.

With 20 years’ experience supporting public sector buyers in optimising their procurement processes, we know the industry inside out, and are able to offer best practice guidance to bidders.

We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of what Authorities are looking for, their processes and challenges.

We’re here to support bidders to prepare a bid that has their very best chance of winning, so that the Authority can award their contract to a supplier that ticks all their boxes.

In this guide we’ll take you through our 5 steps to optimising a bid.

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