Achieving Effective Supply Chain Tender Assessments

Whether you work in the public or private sector you want to achieve value for money across your supply chain purchases.

You will want your career to be remembered for that wise, evidence based, value for money acquisition.

But how do you effectively assess multiple tenders quickly and effectively.

With traditional methods you plan, prepare and then execute a tender assessment with a large tender assessment board resulting in expense, risk, uncertainty and doubt.

In this paper we will explore the interplay between technical and cost factors in determining “Value for Money” and how the consideration of risks (cost, schedule and client) provides a robust basis for the design of an effective assessment model in the procurement process.

We will detail our proven approach to ensure the best possible procurement outcome through the delivery of procurement experts, cost estimation experts and the effective use of technology.

The techniques discussed apply across all domains and businesses.

These capabilities provide confidence that supply chain decisions will be robust, rigorous, transparent and benchmarked against international best practice.

Topics Include

Cost, evaluation, money assessment, procurement process, risk, supply chain, tender evaluation, value for money, vfm