AWARD® Execute

AWARD® Execute is the third and core offering from the AWARD® Solution and focuses on that final part of your procurement: the all-important Evaluation and your Reporting.

What is AWARD® Execute?

With AWARD® Execute, you can evaluate your complex procurements in a flexible but structured, robust, and transparent environment. It’s been specifically designed to do so, unlike perceived alternative solutions such as sourcing tools or Excel spreadsheets which aren’t suitable for complex evaluations and put your entire project at risk.

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Developed by the global experts in evaluation, AWARD® Execute:

  • Gives you confidence in your evaluation process by expertly guiding you through to the right decision
  • Arms you with global evaluation expertise: we are the world-renowned experts in evaluation, and are here to impart our knowledge
  • Provides a robust, transparent and highly structured environment for you to expertly complete your evaluation and protect your process from scrutiny or challenge
  • Allows you to readily justify all decisions made so you can rest assured in your process
  • Helps you make the best buying decisions whilst improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation process, based on all the relevant criteria
  • Supports sustainability targets: our Evaluation module requires significantly less paper and less travel needed than traditional methods of conducting evaluations, and supports remote and distributed working
  • Enables collaboration

What’s included in AWARD® Execute?


Our core module, AWARD® Evaluation, offers a unique focus and depth of functionality for this pivotal stage of your procurement to ensure you’re awarding your contract to the best possible supplier.

Supported by our Procurement Evaluation Design Team, this pivotal module allows you to:

  • Conduct robust, transparent evaluations so you can be confident in your project outcomes and protect your decisions and processes
  • Work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to ensure buy-in and alignment on goals and outcomes
  • Control workflow and focus resource to maximise efficiency and productivity
  • Control and mitigate risk minimise potential disruptions and ensure smooth project execution
  • Reduce time to contract, saving time and resource
  • Utilise real-time reporting for valuable insight into project progress and your bidder responses
  • Deliver effective bidder debriefs to protect you from challenges

Real-time reporting on any mix of data at any point in the process is also included with AWARD® Execute. The data in AWARD® can be sliced and diced in any way required so that you extract meaningful insights and generate customised reports to suit your specific needs.

With ready-to-use report templates, including debrief and progress reports, you can quickly access the most commonly required reports. In addition, our team is readily available to assist in setting up customised reports tailored to your unique requirements.

We also offer support to personalise reports with your logos and company letterheads, so that you can professionally present your data as branded documents. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our Report Wizard function provides step-by-step guidance to create your own customised reports.

procurement evaluation design

Evaluation Design
During this crucial phase of your procurement process, our Procurement Evaluation Design Team is at your disposal in conjunction with the software. They are here to offer you comprehensive assistance and ensure that your evaluation adheres to best practices, resulting in optimal outcomes and providing you with peace of mind.

We offer support with:

  • Managing the full end to end Evaluation process
  • Quality assurance of evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Results analysis
  • Debriefing analysis
  • Project closure and archiving
  • Template construction

With so much at risk for complex procurements, take advantage of our knowledgeable expert team to guide you through the evaluation process with ease.

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