AWARD® Software

When you’re running a complex procurement, you want to ensure the best possible outcome.

But it’s not easy. Planning and preparation are critical to success. Firstly, you need buy-in from key stakeholders.

How? with AWARD®

You can seamlessly facilitate workshops, collaborate, and gain consensus agreement.

You can create robust, fit for purpose and defensible criteria.

Next up, you need to leverage your criteria to select the best solution.

How? with AWARD®

You can apply a meaningful set of weights, so you’ll know which solution meets your needs.

Every step is fully transparent: justify and protect each decision you make.

But how do you ensure you’re delivering real value for money?

With traditional methods, it’s virtually impossible and high risk.

With AWARD®, you’ll use our market-leading methodology.

We’ll take you through sensitivity analysis and you’ll have a transparent scoring metho to ensure value for money is achieved.

Once you’ve gone out to market and your bids are in, it’s now time for the pivotal stage of your project: The Evaluation.

With AWARD®, we instil quality and confidence into this critical activity.

Your evaluators will follow best practice guidance to fairly and transparently review the bids.

AWARD®’s automated debriefing function makes debriefing losing bidders quick and easy too.

There you have it – early planning and prep are critical to a robust evaluation and positive outcome on complex projects.

Specifically designed to support you throughout, gives you the confidence and assurance that you have delivered best possible outcomes.

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