Deliver robust and defensible decisions
Deliver robust and defensible decisions

Meet social value and environmental targets
Meet social value and environmental targets

Maximise value
Maximise value for money

trusted thought leaders
Trusted thought leaders

Reduce cost and risk
Reduce cost and risk

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Delivering proven time and cost savings

  • Maximise value for money
  • Reduce time to contract
  • Achieve efficiency cost savings
  • Achieve process time savings upwards of 40%
  • Down-select losing bidders early

Reducing Risk

  • Have full visibility of emerging results and issues – live up-to-date reports
  • Ensure there are no last minute surprises
  • Assure confident decisions
  • Instant justification of decisions with evidence

Assuring Control

  • Proven to lower prices, reduce risk reduce complexity and increase value
  • Transparent and centralised knowledge and process management

Delivering real-time online reports

  • Customisable real-time reports of results, issues and progress
  • Roll-up overviews and drill down to supporting evidence

Providing audit trail/debrief/transparency

  • Enables robust and effective debriefing
  • Gives assurance that process stands up to scrutiny
  • Efficiently deals with information requests

Supporting sustainability targets

  • Significantly less paper and less travel needed
  • Supports home working, distributed working

Supporting collaboration

  • Apply multi-stakeholder intelligence to measure open questions
  • Supports all best practice methods
  • Processes can be standardised and templated

Capturing and centralising knowledge

  • Internal knowledge – project stakeholders / project managers
  • Recorded knowledge – documents and other file-based content
  • External knowledge – suppliers, partners, other organisations

Software as a Service – immediate deployment

  • Very low adoption and ownership cost and risk – minimal training required
  • Software as a service option – no install cost
  • Secure service
  • Local installation also available

Involving multiple stakeholders

  • Stakeholders can be time and/or geographically dispersed
  • Supports use by internal, external and bidder stakeholders
  • Stakeholder alerts system – online or via email

Document/issue management

  • Full data room/document management capability
  • Secure communication with bidders
  • Management of issues & clarifications


  • Complements existing technologies and processes
  • Integrates with eSourcing tools