The Key to Evaluation Success

With complex projects, evaluation of the bidding suppliers is crucial.

The desired outcome is a completed project, to specification and on time.

So, in choosing the best supplier, it is essential to evaluate the bidders’ ability to meet the project requirements.

“Constructing the requirements of the project is relatively straightforward, albeit extremely time-consuming.

There will be thousands of specific, detailed requirements, concerning such things as the user interface, detailed functionality and interfaces.

In many cases, because the requirements document is comprehensive and its preparation involves a great deal of work, companies do not include more probing questions in the ITT, or offer guidance as to what some of the requirements will entail.

Moreover, the requirements are usually listed without much indication of how they are to be evaluated.

Many of the questions about the requirements will have simple Yes/No answers, and any bidder keen to win the project will be able to convince themselves that they can truthfully answer ‘Yes’ to all but the most objective of questions…”

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How do you write effective criteria?

How do you write effective criteria?