Decision Time for Complex, Major Procurements, Making the Right Choices for Achieving Value for Money

A major project is all about making the right decisions – and there are three key components in the decision-making process. These are: planning, execution and audit. This White Paper discusses each component one by one, and details how to make them a success.

“A major project can be viewed as a sequence of decisions.

There is the decision to explore the feasibility of a project, then the decision to commit the resources.

A solution must then be selected.

In the case of a procurement project, a procurement strategy must be determined, proposals assessed and potential vendors identified.

The success of a project is highly dependent on these decisions.

Select the wrong project, the wrong solution or the wrong vendor and value for money will not be achieved.

In fact, many major projects have failed completely, taking the whole budget with them, due to a failure to find the right route through this tree of key project decisions…”

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Topics Include

Audit, executing, planning, value for money

Value for Money

Value for Money