Defence Sourcing Portal and AWARD®

The Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP) has replaced Defence Contracts Online (DCO) and provides MOD’s e-sourcing platform.

The DSP e-sourcing platform is provided by Jaggaer and Commerce Decisions in partnership. Jaggaer and Commerce Decisions have been partners since 2005, providing a proven integrated procurement solution to UK central government departments – Jaggaer providing the eSourcing system with Commerce Decisions providing AWARD®, our specialist solution for complex, strategic procurements.

If any of the below apply to your project:

  • High-risk or high-value
  • Particularly sensitive
  • Multi-lot
  • Using Willingness to Pay
  • Contains ITAR

…you will need to transfer over to AWARD® Evaluation once the bid responses are returned, to evaluate, negotiate and de-brief. (The PQQ stages will be completed in Jaggaer, but it is unable to support complex projects).

We are here to support you with the process of transferring to AWARD® Evaluation – you can get in touch via or +44 7880 258535 to get started.

Find out more in the datasheet by clicking the pink box below.