Commerce Decisions wins contract renewal with MOD

We’re pleased to announce the renewal of our enabling contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the provision of our AWARD® expert modules, procurement advisory services, training, and workshops. This renewal extends the contract for a further year until the end of 2022.

The UK MOD is one of the largest public procurement organisations in Europe, delivering and managing some of the most complex and technologically advanced military requirements in the world. Defence spending is currently around £56bn per annum; a significant proportion of which is allocated to complex procurements. Our AWARD® solution has been specifically designed to support these high risk, often politically sensitive, strategic projects which require far more in-depth consideration than a more tactical procurement. The challenges faced by MOD procurers have been widely reported, and we are constantly evolving and innovating our solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands on the procurement sector, such as the need to assure value for money, meet social value and environmental considerations and deliver the best possible outcomes.

This contract extension sits alongside our contract for the provision of AWARD® evaluation as part of the MOD’s Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP)* and will enable us to continue to support MOD project teams with their strategic procurement activities. Where needed, we also assist teams in maximising the value of AWARD® and its modules, which offer innovative, expert capability to support complex activities such as Market Engagement, Requirements capture, Effective Criteria Writing, Weighting and Value for Money.

Whilst AWARD® is integrated as part of DSP, this enabling contract also provides access to AWARD® on the MOD’s RLI and SLI networks, for use by SECRET projects and those with additional sensitivities such as ITAR/EAR.

“This enabling contract ensures that Commerce Decisions AWARD® modules, best practice support, bespoke workshops and seminars are available to MOD project teams. Use of AWARD® via the Defence Sourcing Portal and these services ensure that our procurement processes, where appropriate, are standardised across the organisation” commented Peter Summerfield, Def Comrcl TS Systems DepHd, MOD.

Gavin Shepheard, Sales & Marketing Director, Commerce Decisions said “In a fast-changing defence environment, where the MOD is working to modernise and adapt to meet the ever-increasing threats from offensive cyber, global conflicts and insurgent warfare, the need for efficient, effective processes to underpin critical procurements is more important than ever before. We look forward to continuing to work with the MOD to assure the best possible outcomes on its most complex, high-risk projects”.

MOD Account Director at Commerce Decisions, Samantha Bevan-Talbot added, “We are delighted to have secured this major contract with MOD, one of our longest-standing and important clients. 20 years of working closely with MOD project teams and Def Commercial has enabled us to develop an unrivalled depth and breadth of support to the critical preparation, execution and evaluation phases of complex procurement.”

Our team of procurement experts assures project teams that they are achieving the best possible, value for money outcome on their most complex procurements, alongside the promotion of best practice and transparency within the MOD. Our service is used by Project Teams to support strategic procurement activities, including market engagement, assessment method, value for money and sensitivity analysis, weighting, criteria development, evaluation of suppliers’ responses, negotiation, and contract award.

For more information about AWARD® and the DSP, view the datasheet here.

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*The Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP) is provided by Jaggaer and Commerce Decisions in partnership. Jaggaer provides e-Sourcing for advertisement, auction, and standard procurement whilst Commerce Decisions provides the AWARD® to support MOD’s complex, high risk projects.